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Before using this as a links page, read through their descriptions to get a terrain overview.  The pages are laid out in the mixed linear and open navigation order designed into the island.  For a quick "big picture" description go to the Navigation Scheme page






Terrain Overview & Links


Genesis Beach
You start at the West end of a beach reaching 1/3 around the island circumference.  This first area goes after beautiful vistas with jungle, surf,  shipwreck, a companion dolphin and above the impenetrable cliffs the explorer can see the the 3 Sisters Mountains beckoning.  These first areas are designed specifically for the Newbie.

Memory Forest
As you climb the slopes the flora turns to pine forests -  you may find Nemo’s forest cabin refuge, heavily linked by surreal elements to Nemo’s past.

Surreal Dream Sets
Sets of Dream Structures along the Northern edge of the island interact with the explorer in a surreal manner.  Dream Sets are architecture of all time (up to Jules Verne) and all cultures.  The next page is an example of these collections.

One of the Dream Structure Sets.  This area shows how beautiful, powerful, and interactive themed sets of architecture can be.  It will also show how well these Surreal Dream Structures can fit into the island logically

High Plateau
Beautiful scenery as the forest does spotty transitions into desert.  The plateaus and mesas are patterned with petroglyphs from around the world.  Arranged to disorient, give a sense of expanse, and a reason to come back later.  Hidden in one plateau is an Abandoned Laboratory, Nemo’s initial research into the "power of the sun" - the second dream structure zone stretches down into the depths of the sea from the Northern lava zone

3 Sisters Mountains
At the base of the mountains you find beautiful scenery with alpine lakes reflecting the stark volcanic mountains.   Stepping up the slope triggers a sudden surreal change from summer settings to arctic extremes.  Aurora borealis, glacial pools and ice slopes for sliding down on top of the glacier and underneath within its hidden streams.  The top of the world isolation, looking down on the rest of the island landscape.

Designed as the evening social center for explorers.  The Observatory perches on the Cliff Rift that separates the island in 2 parts.  The Monarch of the Seas (giant stone whale) and The Towers of Time dominate the ambience of the Observatory.  A giant fountain feeds streams into 2 gardens, one formal and one natural.  A giant sun dial can be used to predict surreal events around the island as the shadow traces a line, across a replica of the island.

Bonsai Enclosure
The rotating Monarch of the Observatory grants passage down a vertical cave with a giant window opening to the cliff.  Contains a controlled environment with giant tree limbs to walk over the Japanese style garden and waterfall.  A dead end until you find your way further underground with your personal submarine.

Slave Docks
The only surface path from the Cliff Rift to the Western half of the island is from the north end of the cliff rift and then the water current will sweep the explorer to this beach for an anti-oppression moment.

The Swamps
The last set of dream structures stretches from the mangrove canals to islands of gnarled root cypress trees.

Shadowed Jungle
Mazes of trails through out the West half are the domain of the giant crabs and giant beetles.  It will be a challenge to find the entrance to Nemo's Bunker!

Nemo's Bunker
Carved into the ancient white corral beds.  The artificial tunnels and austere settings mix with the natural beauty of caves and openings to the jungle above.  The bunker leads to a giant window to the underwater sights of the lagoon.  The Bunker is the only access to the underwater vistas of the Lagoon.



Lagoon of the Nautilus   
Access to bottom walking dive suits is through a glass half dome.  Beautiful sea life and varied underwater terrain with statues.  The suspended underwater walkway appears to connect the Bunker and the artificial Omen island.  

The famous submarine is found in deep of the Lagoon.  The rest of the fleet is is available for piloting.  

Omen Island
The explorer can only access Omen Island (Nemo spelled backwards) by way of the Lagoon.  This Nemo facility sits atop and inside the reef wall - it contains Nemo’s laboratory of the interactive workings of the universe and is the production site for the fleet

Mini-Sub Dolphins   
Get your own personal Mini-Sub Dolphin at Omen Island.  The explorer's gateway to the underwater universe and the only way to access the island underground.

Under and Over the Sea
Details of a few things that await..



Underground River
The first river splits in to the River of Life and the River of Death which ends at Poison Lake and the Abandoned Laboratory 

River of Life
The River of Life surfaces in the Shadowed Jungle (below the Cliff Rift) and then continues up the Water Shaft climbing half way up the Cliff Rift

Condensation / Dream Sphere
At the top of the Water Shaft the Mini-Sub Dolphin can hook into a ride on the tracks going through the shafts to the giant Condensation Sphere.  This is the first of 3 main parts in the underground sequence of spherical constructs to represent the levels of our consciousness.

Binaries - Double Helix
In the labyrinth of caves branching out from the walls of the Condensation sphere,  a path leads to the Transforming Statue.

The last of the Underground Sequence represents the super conscious.  Water dappled sunlight comes through the circle in the top of a half sphere room.  A rotating 3D Earth fades in with you as the center.



Crater Lake
Leaving the Pantheon dome is a swim from the bottom of the lake.  Climb up the inner walls of the volcano, to the Balloon House, and your personal Dirigible for air transportation.  The new found freedom to go through out the island and otherwise inaccessible spots.  Imagine the view down the sides of the volcano as you lift off





The Explorer and The Environment



4 Prime examples of Nemo's Mind Interaction

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Navigation Scheme

Program Start    Participant Controls

Environment Effects

newMoon - Example Social Awareness Front



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