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            The Nemo's Mind design document is a creative    
            venture,  and true to this and Nemo's persona, it 
            demands you as the explorer, find paths, fitting  
            your personality and interest - or just take the 



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In the Beginning
              The overview page of this design document

Concept                             Quick intro of this virtual world



Map of the Island             Nemo's Mind in one visual with buttons on  
                                             the left side that will show where all the 
                                             features of the island are located

Illustration  Index             Want screen shots, more maps, concept
                                             sketches and even 200 year old engravings?



Terrain Descriptions      Contents page gives a 
                                             synopsis to all the locations to explore in 
                                             Nemo's Mind!


Very Informal Page         The brain adventure behind creating Nemo's 
                                             Mind, and how it comes from the collective 

Nemo's Mind Themes    Synopsis of the predominant themes 
                                             expounded upon by the rest of the design 

A New Social Art             Society and why they will enjoy artistic 
                                             exploration and how they will interact with 
                                             each other and the program



4 Prime Examples          Showcases of theme and interactivity



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