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(newMoon is an example of a concrete social awareness front, associated with Nemo's Mind)

In 1860 - 1900, the "New Woman" is the counterpart and antithesis to Captain Nemo.  Nemo would abhor the idea of a woman onboard the Nautilus  and yet he idealized himself as a liberator of the oppressed.  Their is some truth in saying the state of humanity is still fixed in that relationship.

newMoon juxtaposes Nemo's Mind in many dualities.  It is Nemo who only directly aggresses the problem, while newMoon strives to pressure the cause of the problem.  One fights injustice in a masculine way and the other seeks understanding through the feminine.  Is one better than the other or does the world need the balance of both?  One method has been tested to death by organisms believing they are in the right.

The newMoon is first about local - Improve kindness on a local level to impact all.  Think it daily!


newMoon's direct aim is to enhance a positive personal power in influencing those directly around us.  While Nemo's Mind is the way of art to expose the weaknesses in the human character that will abhor oppression and at the same time oppress those next to them.  These partners hope to strengthen the other.


               World under one moon

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Daily Thought:  Personal power in reducing humanity's footprint is arguably limited to having less babies.  The only solution to the worlds ills, that has proven any effect...


World under one moon

newMoon is change through personal power used in your relationships and then on a global scale

newMoon is not so much a specific socially aware cause, as it is a way of leading your personal causes forward

newMoon is a philosophy supporting individual and organizational efforts to tackle all problems from a cultural understanding

newMoon strives to make more awareness toward Net driven global consciousness.

newMoon is to cure the aggressor rather than the victim - to support the victims ability to make those changes

The success of socially conscious organizations have been limited world-wide - they need all the help they can get.  The addition of local philosophy doesn't interfere with already existing approaches, which, are at times, competing against each other for finances and attention.  newMoon apologizes now for any strong prose used.  It is extremely difficult to tone down socially conscious essays and to propose the Nets insidious tendency to homogenize the world culture as a positive.  newMoon is a theme to push all web ventures to internalize socially conscious efforts.  All newMoon does, is paste a name to the concept and a personal system to regularly participate on a local and global level

newMoon is about new focus within personal power and within the Net medium


do one small thing every moon

newMoon promotes personal involvement with human oppression and anti-slavery - to do one small thing every moon with a focus on cultural change and a daily focus on those around you, to effect a global evolvement

We wish to promote a philosophy falling in line with a new way of communication and global culture.  We often label anything we do, "for the plight" of human dignity, as a "charity" and this outlook is limiting our personal impact.  "Charity" implies the problem is exterior and  psychologically or physically distancing from the source of a problem.  newMoon  doesn’t just look at the globe as one organism - newMoon puts a name to the realization... change starts at the door step...

To refocus on a regular monthly basis, is an emulation of truly social conscious individuals.  The mentors who measure themselves and their daily life, against their socially conscious vision.  They know they are a part of all humanity and a part of the problem.  This essay goes with the old maxim: to make a change requires change within the self first, and then finding a personal way of impact

newMoon is all about the positive power of globalism


  an essay for more


Why humanity first in our priorities, versus animal rights and the health of the environment?  You can’t help the endangered or mistreated organism before you change the violator.  Many work toward a cause, but what a lot of us don’t do, is shift a little more energy toward the human element behind "our" problems.  Like any barrier, re-evaluate periodically and invent new ways to hit the barrier.  How do we go after the culture directly suppressing the victim we wish to help?  newMoon and this essay argue the single most important issue on the globe is gender inequality.  The result is the placement of women in the most influential position to make the positive changes in curing the agressor.


  gender disparity - culture global


newMoon is partly a proposal that a problem such as environmental abuse  is a direct reflection of respect for the fellow human being.  If there is a lack of respect for the family member then that culture is crippled in a hundred ways.  The single greatest crime against humanity is world wide inequality for women  - this is the correlation directly showing any cultures ability to respect any entity: environment, development, human rights - the country a woman lives in, dictates whether they are paid less in one modern country or whether gender is an automatic violence risk factor in a 3rd world nation.  A theme of newMoon  is that women will always be treated cruelly as property through out the world, as long as the best, role model countries, still have inequalities in  economic or status positions.  But these modern countries are still great role models for women around the globe, through global media.

Is the mild  separatism of women on the Net helpful? The glaring most obvious indicator in the modern nation is pay equality. Until that index changes for the better, then women must continually group and or  fight for their rights. Some will look for the arguments against this, but in a global challenge - the rights, and the organization to advance them, is the model for those struggling under oppression in another country - yearly, the lifestyle of modern countries is increasingly visible to the undeveloped - and every year more 3rd world women are banding.

In this sense, globalism. or the subduing of local cultures under the growth of global culture is positive.  The outlook that the global culture is one organism, and the culture we are in at the moment, is influencing all others.  Many rankle at the thought of changing sub-cultures.  Maybe it helps to look at your own particular society and ask how the present culture compares to the same of just one century ago.  Nothing is preserved and all improves for the better, in the glass is half full mentality.  And nothing is sacred when women, children, and the Earth is in abuse.  The universal question is whether the abuse will improve or worsen as the population doubles over the next 40 years


  culture local


As the overall global culture has an evolving level of human rights, so does the health of the environment in that culture.  Drag the cultures committing the most crimes against humanity to a higher standard by continuing to push our own culture to the next level.  More respect for the ones around us is also a  focus on a problem out of our sight.  This means daily local impact - maybe this is just saying be nicer to people you deal with daily - maybe it means getting involved with improving the local culture through something more active.

Time for an example?  You can’t free the slaves in ________ before you free the slaves in the democratic nations - for instance, few Americans realize the scope of the slavery within their own shores - few around the world are aware of the scope of slavery and oppression through out the world.  What is the most valuable thing you can do about this?  To be socially conscious means a consistent education of self and others around you.  And to Improve your own conscious lifestyle - and your neighbors will improve.  By newMoon this means improving lifestyle in a human dignity way.

newMoon means to do some level of interaction with your personal humanistic cause, on a local and global level - treat the ones you live with better and it will spread - respect for humanity is shown through respect for the ones you live and work with - and the ones you meet for only one moment in your life - if you have a lifestyle that permits you to read these words then your priorities go high above just survival needs and can afford to treat others with ultimate respect.  Until violence disappears from our streets - you can’t expect change around the next corner.  Environmentally how can you save the forests of Brazil if we can’t save the Everglades.  And if we are finally arresting the erosion of the Everglades is it a cultural evolvement?  On the local level: if you encounter or dish out rudeness your self on a daily basis then we can’t expect things to imrove elsewhere...


  global consciousness


On the global scale newMoon evangelizes personal involvement with oppression, slavery,  or a global cause of your own.  If we all stepped up our commitment to a monthly involvement at any level then we are upping the amount of overall energy

Whatever you choose to do at the global level, do it on a regular basis.  newMoon finds a name in  a proposal for monthly involvement.  A  theme of newMoon  is that one monthly act will contribute more to the good of all, than is accomplished now

newMoon  works hand in hand with the global or local institution of your choice - that is the global level - we can do little beyond our horizon with out teams focusing on the barriers




A fundamental concept of altruism:  To make change in anything first requires change within the self.  If you are having impact, if you are making change, then you made change within your self first.  Then you can make effective influence on the culture.  The path of happiness in softening the heart versus the death of hard hearted.

The Net is the single greatest cultural machine.  It is changing business, competition, and communication in positive ways.  The global village will facilitate more and more pressure - reaching across nations.  The pervasive nature of the Net will penetrate economically if not culturally.

newMoon is not so much a specific cause as it is a way of leading your personal cause forward.


  commitment by net


Discuss the subject with stranger(s) using info technology communication - explain the ideas behind Net culture, communication, economy and education as ways to bring negative cultures into the fold - read up on the latest to keep your self emotionally involved.

Buy from companies that give to conscious organizations (such as- every purchase a monetary donation to your cause) - this will encourage other companies to compete - producing more focus and social ideals.

Volunteer your special skills to assist an organization with just one or 2 hours a month.

As a last resort make a monetary donation.


   Summary of the NewMoon Credo


Daily To promote basic human dignity radiating out beyond the local culture in a daily manner.  Letting the ones around you expand by not suppressing them.  It is  a perspective of scale - local human dignity is a reflection of the same on a larger negative scale else where.  The ideals adopted by the predominant global culture will eventually overcome the local.

Monthly to globally do anything for your cause or for human oppression.  Hopefully through the Net, so this will become the culture of the Net.

Once a month we will spotlight women becoming empowered round the planet.

The newMoon is first about local - Improve kindness on a local level to impact all. 

under one moon



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