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  Final character quote from manuscript version of "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea":

"Who has ever been able to sound the depths of the abyss?"


This intro page will try to give you an idea of what this project will accomplish and why it stands apart from anything that exists at this time.  When you get tired of the preamble and what concrete pictures in your mind of the landscape hit the "Contents" link in the left column (top and bottom of the page).




    Exploring Nemo's Mind
   Worlds Within Worlds

How do we make a terrain worth exploring with out game elements?

Make a dream scape for the global citizen.

The Virtual World will be the highest expression of art, self, and community while keeping a high sense of interactivity and influence on the environment while addressing the human condition and advancing positive global culture.


Welcome to the Nemo's Mind (development name) proof of concept.  This manuscript/design document has been waiting for years, till the state of 3D and virtual reality  can match the (non-gaming) masses expectations for true art.

We chase these user reactions:

  • "Beautiful"
  • "A new Interactive art"
  • "We become global citizens"
  • "It is simply beauty and humanity"
  • "Shared social consciousness"
  • "Relaxed communication with business associates and relatives"


Some corporations are evolving into true global leadership and a virtual world can become a well defined face with social aware themes.  All together this landscape provides a forum for humanity's art, technology, philosophy, the psychological wilderness, and the evolving scope of social awareness.

Nemo's Mind is a world revolving in the psyche, allowing surreal terrain to include global symbols and cultural based dreams capes, while the Nautilus and its inhabitants provide the perfect theme for social awareness and beautiful landscapes of land and water. 

Nemo's Mind is the way of art, and by the Jules Verne theme, to expose the root weaknesses in the human character that abhors oppression and at the same time oppresses those next to them.



     Initial Description
  •  The Product:   The  industry needs a new application to advance the next  machine.  Promoting the machine that will render state of the art 3D into VR, and eventually the extra muscle to voice recognize, and language translate.  Nemo's Mind (project name) is an example of a psychological terrain designed specifically to seduce the (largely non-game playing) world citizen, to explore their way into 3D and a form of computer art that all can appreciate.  A more human approach to bringing 3D to the masses.  

  •  The Humanitarian Face:   This could be a corporation's highly visible, social aware representation.  Nemo's Mind  is an example of VR terrain that can become a global citizen.   A complete global conscience within a virtual world communication platform and a possible accompanying concrete organization.  Facets of Nemo's Mind such as Jules Verne's anti-slavery/oppression theme to advance consciousness and "new.moon" (an  example  humanitarian organization that could be associated with Nemo's Mind) to more concretely advance the cause.  The world wants this standard in art - this new genre of humanistic expression.



      Strategic Design Elements

There will be hundreds of mainstream virtual worlds in the genre Nemo's Mind will help evolve.  There will be competitive room, just like books and movies, for many of these virtual worlds.  To insure Nemo's Mind leads the way to setting this standard, a deep strategy is woven into its future success.  The lists below are divided to emphasize how the commercial and humanistic elements are both required to insure Nemo's Mind can become a global symbol of virtual reality.  The ability for true humanistic pursuit in this medium is only possible by satisfying the commercial aims and vice versa.  One is as crucial as the other!


  Commercial Aims 

  • Advance the  industry interests by pushing the need for successive levels of hardware and operating systems to evolve VR art and communication.

  • To make Virtual worlds  a genre accepted at a global and mainstream level .  An island is the perfect  environment for the easily intimidated non-gamer who does not want unlimited terrain.  Of course anything can be inserted into surreal terrain to expand NM.  Everyone wants to Journey to the Center of the Earth.

  • An eventual portal for future 3rd party  exploratory virtual worlds.




 Humanistic Elements 

  • Pure art - the direct result of the advancing high tech

  • Explore global humanistic architecture, culture, and symbols

  • Advance social awareness

  • Provide a concrete  humanitarian organization associated with the virtual world, such as New Moon

  • An arena for humanistic discussion



      Leaders into the latest virtual world genre
     A new genre and killer application
  • The Video game industry proves the commercial model of a constant virtual world that is both game and social platform.  Now we must remove the game aspect and apply this technology in a design to enthrall the masses, who haven't appreciated the gifts of the 3D industry.

  • To the, non-video game playing masses, Nemo's Mind is a new and respectable form of  entertainment and socializing because of the relabel as art with global consciousness, and communication in a virtual "conversation piece".

  • Nemo's Mind (project name) will set the standard for what will become a mainstream genre.  These virtual worlds will be the highest expression of art, self, and community - addressing the human condition and advancing the global culture.  This design has the potential to be recognized as the first of hundreds.  

  • Nemo’s Mind can sell 3D (meaning new machines and OS) through interactive environments and social engineering.  Future installments can provide updates such as a portal for 3rd party virtual worlds that will hook into the software for voice recognition, language translation, camera relayed hand and facial expressions onto avatars, and companion A.I./interactive guides.

  • As the widespread standard,  will be the "go to" program for communication with relatives, business contacts, or random encounters with people of the world, as a conversation piece that can be wandered through.  Also hopefully evolve toward voice recognition and language translation.
  • Will be the leading software for bringing the world together simply as mutual exploration and discussion of the themes.

  • These virtual worlds will be just another facet of the machines that will intrinsically hook into your future users.  Other industries will be hooking their exercise equipment, virtual augmentation, VR  headsets, bio feedback etc. to Nemo’s Mind.
  • As a genre, Nemo's Mind fits the typical 3D and software industry strategy to have a strong initial product and keep reaping the rewards of continual updates through the years.  This is an attraction to the part of our nature that wants to see the downloads to update the 3D materials in the constant move toward "perfection".
  • Nemo's Mind can always challenge to be the first of its kind since it has been in design since January 1999 and this can easily be proved in several public ways (for instance the copyright is only in place as one way to prove its first days of design and web archives).
  • Nemo's Mind is an island but the surreal nature and being a symbol of the mind leaves unlimited expansion through the years .
  • There will be a huge market for custom avatars.  Many users will have multiple avatars for the various virtual worlds they use through the portal popularized by the first big VR world, hopefully that is Nemo's Mind.



   A 3D product for the non-gaming masses
  • The idea of a non-game, interactive virtual world has yet to be exploited.  Nemo’s Mind has many selling points but can stand on its own simply as a place to explore for the single user.  This strength as a solitary exploration is crucial to get the hesitant user into the the rest of the features.
  • Must be accessible to the easily intimidated.  This is crucial to the success of a virtual world that hopes to be a house hold name. It is worth placing this high in the design document to ensure this is the true focus!  Once the timid explorer becomes used to the virtual world they are compelled to invest.
  • Constructed to give the video game avoidant the excuse to give it a try.  The "wallpaper" of  future game/VR machines will be the start point of the loaded virtual world (or last point of exploration).  A slowly panning beach and jungle scene (so the movement can't be seen as an excuse to set it to static) with weather and day/night cycles matching the local users area, wildlife and birds and could include sound effects (at least for 2 seconds whenever the user comes back to the machine) like surf and birds etc.  Upon clicking the icon, the screen clears of icons,  sound effects volume increases and an overlay instructs to use either mouse button for moving forward or to use arrow buttons.  The wave action and wind in the palms steps up to normal speed..
  • The current location the user leaves, becomes the first person panning  background, beckoning the user to come back for more.
  • It is absolutely crucial that the non-gamer user have full control over the social aspect of Nemo's Mind.  Many will not want to use it as a communication platform until they have been completely sucked into the virtual world, and then they need a choice of local, special interest, and other filters to regulate who they share the environment with.
  • Not only is Nemo's Mind all about art and themes, it is an exploration of space.   If it becomes exploratory for the user and each location is burned into memory, then it has become an effective use of art/space.   This program will be, for many, the first "hands on" experience with 3D terrain.  We want to excite that audience, to further all development of virtual worlds.
  • The user that normally looks down upon any form of 3D interaction will have the excuse with features like the global conscious themes and anti-slavery/oppression theme.

     Humanity - an island for the planet

Besides sheer beauty, the attraction of Nemo's Mind is its global consciousness and humanitarian cause.


 Global Conscious: 

  • Citizens of the globe participating in the same environment and discussing the themes with or with out language translation

  • Global architecture, symbols, and users

  • The pure beauty of the natural world's flora, fauna and terrain 

  • The Underground Sequence is an example of the universalism of symbols and is climaxed by the "super conscious" globe and at the same time the Underground Sequence ends with liberation (Airborne travel) as opposed to the following theme..



  • At its simplest level, Nemo's Mind is anti-slavery and anti-oppression by the Jules Verne characters Captain Nemo and the Nautilus submarine.  The oppression theme is developed through out this virtual world

  • Nemo’s Mind is the abstract side of its humanity and can have a concrete charitable organization associated with it.  The example given with this project is “new.moon” and is a semi fleshed out example attached to this document.  new.moon makes a duality and juxtaposition of Nemo's Mind.  new.moon makes it easier for the explorers to start seeing the experience in Nemo's Mind as an exposition on why oppression is inherent within humanity (and certainly not an example of how to overcome oppression) and the solutions start at....




For  a more, in depth, look at the abyss of 

Nemo's Mind themes, dive in here..


This virtual world strives for the perfect balance to keep all the advantages of a tight theme versus a theme that is expandable.  The book "2,000 Leagues Under the Sea" gives us Nemo, the Nautilus, Exploration, exotic terrain, Atlantis.  

Being a terrain within the Captain's Mind give us surreal, global symbols/art/architecture, themed voice overs(option), and social aware issues.  Jules Verne as the real mind that seeks refuge in his fantasy gives us dreamscape, psyche, dirigibles, and all of his other books such as the Journey to the "Center of the Earth" as possible expandability.



  • Terrain - Terrain is the primary element of every virtual world or massive multi-player on line games - the user base is already established from several decades of online worlds.  Many present users place the beauty, exploration, and social aspects above game play, and will tout Nemo's Mind as the most beautiful virtual world.  These cross over users are also the diplomats for all their real world non-gamer relationships becoming users of this non-game virtual world.
  • Terrain  - An exploration of space.   If it becomes exploratory for the user and each location is burned into memory, then it has become an effective use of art/space.   This world will be, for many, the first hands on experience with 3D 1st person terrain.  We want to excite that audience, to further all development of virtual worlds.
  • Global  - The island that is the mind has the exotic biomes and transitions of the planet along with representations of global architecture in the Dream Scapes
  • Social - Exploration enhanced by the ability to use as a communication platform and reach across borders by voice recognition to language translation
  • Movement - Exploration is given by movement over land, through and under water, and in air.  The explorer will see dirigibles in the air and find out through others that there are modes of transportation for underwater (mini-sub Dolphin) and for air they can attain.  The exploration of the island is a mix of linear and non-linear progression and is explained on the Navigation page
  • Surreal, Fantastical, Exotic - Interactions with global architecture and art - the Nemo's "Mind" aspect lends to fantastical settings such as the underground sequence, Dream structures, Observatory etc.


The Symbols and Psyche of Humanity: 

  • Global Citizen - Social centers such as the Observatory and the Nautilus
  • Universal - A deep underlying theme is to stick to ideas and themes that have a universal resonance as described below
  • Island -  (Nemo's Mind) represents the psyche with surface and subsurface/subconscious features.  This allows flexibility to touch on all the cultures of the world the Nautilus has travelled
  • Psyche - A setting within a troubled mind lends meaningful surreal interactions and representations of layered consciousness. The emulation of global subconscious imagery - the things we dream.
  • Psyche - Surreal interactive elements
  • Humanity - Uses global imagery and symbols.  For example, the Dream Sets of separate, surreal, interactive, architectural collections of the world.  "Euro Subconscious" is a good example of the power of a virtual setting.
  • Humanity - global themes through art.  To match an ageless feel and a Nemo theme - the art and architecture will be restricted to any time before Nemo’s.   The themes include anti-slavery (still rampant in this world) and oppression
  • Humanity - social aware - follow Nemo's transition from aggressor to misgivings for his way of fighting oppression
  • New Moon - A tie to the associated charity organization.  Each month at the beginning of the moon cycle the day and night sky turns to a purplish tint and the night sky does not completely darken.  The evening sunset will celebrate Nemo's Mind by participating in events at the Observatory that don't happen any other time


The Universe of Jules Verne: 

  • More understanding of the Jules Verne viability here!
  • Jules Verne - The greatest asset of the Jules Verne theme is how it ties every facet of this virtual world together - it gives us land and water, global collections of art, text, and architecture.  Nemo makes up only a part of the whole and the reader of this design should not be overly distracted by the Nemo theme - this introduction simply shows the richness of that part of this virtual world terrain
  • Jules Verne - Uses the Nautilus and Captain Nemo characters from Jules Verne's 2 books, "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" and "Mysterious ISLAND".  The characters carry the seriousness and psychological depth of the books. The  rich universe of Captain Nemo and Jules Verne.  The "Father of Science Fiction's" universe has even expanded since his day through sheer popularity from 50s movies with giant creatures...
  • Jules Verne - Fittingly leads the way on such a future minded project.
  • Jules Verne - Using the mental terrain of Nemo allows an expanding  landscape that can encompass the rich universe of all Jules Verne (personal dirigible and "Journey to the Center of the Earth" for example). So a later discussion by explorers will look at whether this is Nemo's Mind or Jules Verne's Mind?
  • Jules Verne - Very popular through out Europe, even more so than his native France.  Attractive to the, “all things French” loving, Asian citizens.
  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - The best excuse for exotic land, water, and architectural terrain.
  • Nemo and Jules Verne - The world's best known author and character?
  • Nemo - self named Latin for "no one" is the captain's way of renouncing himself.  A part of the Captain's declaration that he is no longer of the society of Man.  He is a scientist, leader, artist, warrior.  The beauty of the character's depth is the basic question "Is he a murderer, soldier, or savior?"  The inability to come to consensus on this question is the root cause of the problem he addresses.  So can humanities root problems be solved?  Nemo is humanity, the perfect character.  The questions of Nemo's Mind for the social awareness facet.  This is presented by Nemo built architecture and optional voice overs.
  • Nemo - An island that is a refuge within the rich psychological depth of Jules Verne's/Nemo - fought India's enslavement and his quest is to stop that culture.   
  • Nautilus - The submarine's quest and collections are global in nature, for instance the library (by the novel) of the Nautilus contains the 12,000 best books in every language of the planet and global art and treasures fill the Nautilus .  Someday the participants in Nemo’s Mind will be able to read those books (pre 1860) in the original language by scanning their eyes over the lines - the camera sitting on your desk will track your eye movement, interpreting and reading out those languages into yours.


For  a more, in depth, look at the abyss of 

Nemo's Mind themes, dive in here..



    Sensory Descriptions Snippets
     Interaction for the video game abhorrent

       Examples of effortless, non-game interaction:


  • The dirigible buffets as the propeller holds into the breeze - you comment to a Japanese woman on the play of cloud shadows over the island, and discuss where to go next, as the view drops off the edge of the volcano crater - you  notice a feature only seen by the scale of a dirigible's view - the paths carved into the swamp look like a giant crab

  • On Genesis Beach you turn around to the sound, of Dolphin chatter and splashing, and then look down the beach stretching to the horizon on both sides

  • Continuing your weekly habit of yakking with your brother on Nemo’s Mind, you see dancing lights come down the underwater cave, and you both join in and become a pod - 6 mini-sub Dolphins racing through the underground river to the River of Life, a smile grows on your face as you taunt your brother and watch the lights bounce off the caves and the other mini-sub Dolphins.  and up the Water Shaft 

  • You listen to 3 women (not knowing they are all speaking a different language through voice recognition to language translation) inside the Dream/Condensation Sphere taking turns dropping found artifacts into dream animations - they talk of the significance of a bi-valve sea-shell found in the Lagoon creating a vision of 2 dancers, while a sea-shell from the beach creates a vision of the Lagoon - the women also discuss the rumor of a statue in the lagoon - which you saw yesterday and know is a new addition to the latest version of Nemo's Mind

  • After passing through the Bonsai Enclosure and riding the track to the Dream sphere, you realize after visiting for more than 2 years - the giant bonsai is a captive to its artificial limb supports and reflect on the struggle within Nemo’s Mind between enslaving and giving freedom

  • The Nautilus has been set by an explorer to cruise at a fixed depth, touring the island reefs, while 20 explorers talk in the sub's museum lounge and the 2 huge flanking round windows serve as back drop - you and an old Turkish avatar leave the Nautilus  as it goes by the jungles of Genesis Beach, in separate mini-sub Dolphins, you want to show him a small half plateau extending out from the jungle slope, with a spring pooling at the top and flowing over the moss covered cliff - he wants to show you his favorite natural vista in the area - you both comment on every one having there own favorite spots on such a large terrain

  • As a lone explorer you visit a favorite Dream Structure in Memory Forest, and notice a far off dirigible rising, you wonder if it is a newly gained dirigible lifting off from the crater - and remember the surprise of discovering the inside of the hollow mountain - and remember the first time seeing a dirigible and wondering how to get one - while you muse on another's adventure you reach up with your real hand and finger paint the clouds by computer camera aid

  • You tag along from a distance watching a Russian and an African - overhearing the conversation, it is obvious the Russian has never been in the underground sequence and want to watch her discover the slow realization of how to interact with the Transforming Statue,  The African points out the the alternating suppressed human images versus the free images

  • As the sun sinks and the quarter new moon becomes more visible, more explorers gather at the Observatory - you watch the jungle below the Cliff Rift become darker and lose detail - and then you drift toward the classical music and light of the Observatory’s Bonfire Fountain




These are the strategic design elements that will make Nemo's Mind a household name and killer application - the first  VR application to go mainstream (Next big OS, machine, VR goggle seller):

  • Designed to capture the non-gaming public:  ease of use, availability, pure art, taps into basic need to adventure/explore

  • A mainstream use for today's amazing 3-D and arriving VR capability.  Promotes the next generation virtual worlds as communication platforms, with features like voice/language translation and camera relayed hand and facial expression

  • Global humanistic theme and associated concrete humanitarian organization

  • Unlimited growth for further user exploration:  surreal, JV, global themes/symbols/architecture

  • A globally recognized universe (20,000 Leagues Under The Sea and the rest of the Voyages Extraordinaire) - popular in Europe and Asia.



    Exploring Onward!


After reading this intro page it will be easiest to start exploring the island that is Nemo's Mind, by following the links in the left column from top to bottom:

  • "Proofs" will showcase 4 different environments to make the case for the interactive power of a non-gaming terrain.

  • "Contents" is very useful to get an idea how the different areas of Nemo's Mind relate and link to further adventure reading. 

  • "Maps" can access all the environments of Nemo's Mind just like "Contents" but is a more visual interface and more clearly shows the linear and nonlinear navigation through the island.

  • "new.moon" is an example of the concrete social awareness structure that should be associated with a world class non-game virtual world.



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Welcome to the Nemo's Mind Design Document!