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Original engraving prints from the novel




Antique Engravings






Odds and End



              Your guide to all the Graphics (so far) in the   
              Nemo's Mind design document



            Hit F11 key (or find how to use the whole window) for
            browsing these illustrations, specially the engravings!  Links 
            open new browser to make it easier to come back to this page




Island Map                         Top down view of the whole Island and by 
                                              using the buttons on the left you can see
                                              where everything is located

INMO Lagooon                 Top Down map of one of the areas we 
                                              will make for the first shareware version

Nemo's Observatory       Side view map of one of the areas we 
                                              will make for the first shareware version

European                           Top view map of the 3rd area in the first 
Subconscious                  shareware version


Tour                                      Illustrations engraved by Hildebrand - these 
                                               still excite the imagination and show the 
                                               mind set of the times more than a century 
                                               and a quarter after the first publishing - 
                                               clicking on "Tour" will take you to the first 
                                               picture and then access to the next - 10 
                                               quick loading illustrations - these are also 
                                               used within the design document 


Landscape                          A golden engraving depicting the sense of 
                                               terracing we want for the European 
                                               Subconscious level!

Gallery                                  Beautiful and perfect example of a gallery 
                                               for the slopes of the European        
                                               Subconscious level


Pioneer Plaque                  Our token nudie picture - do we 
                                               have everything covered or what?



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