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  Nemo's Bunker

The Virtual World will be the highest expression of art/self/community - addressing the human condition and advancing the global culture



  Nemo's Bunker
  • The austere bunker complex is as all bunkers, another form of human suppression.  The conflict of holding soldiers who have lived under oppression and now adhere to a new one
  Placement in the Navigation Scheme
  • Located in the shadowed jungle 
  • Explorer must find the entrance in the middle of the Shadowed Jungle within a maze of trails created and menaced and warred over by the "Protectors" (Giant Crabs and Beetles - The giants are guardians of the Bunker).  "Titanic Crabs" are a feature of Jules Verne's book

engravegiants.jpg (28562 bytes)

Here is the perfect excuse to throw in giant creatures which are of course a Jules Verne Staple like the 50's monster movie craze (including the 50's version of "Mysterious Island")!

  • The only way for an explorer to access the underwater of the Nautilus Lagoon and then to their personal mini-sub Dolphin within OMEN island
  • Secretive underground and an impregnable fortress are a Nemo imperative (psyche need)
  • Oppression in a more "acceptable" form.  Under the guise of ideals.  Architecture should reflect the endless years of discipline of Nemo’s crew - austere settings for personal living - as Nemo himself sets example in his own stark quarters in the Nautilus but is ambivalently opposed in the luxuries of the Nautilus salon
  • The "Protectors" are appropriately in the ambivalent nature of guardians that are at the same time at war with each other
  • Nemo Voiceovers are in yellow.  Details are in white.  First person narrative describing the sensory experience of Nemo's Mind are in blue. 
  • Nemo:  "The heart of my ultimate accomplishment.  To overcome as much as is possible, my men suffering from weaknesses of the mind that are hazard to the seclusions of our mission.  Through years of building my army, too many have disappeared to suicide.  Our environment is unbalanced.  So each must have their passions ignited.  If it is art, then they must be allowed to flourish that.  If it is science.. you have seen the results.  I believe the results of this 'unbalance' are unmatched but at the price of individual peace and happiness.  The ultimate bolster of our spirits is of course the beauty of the sea and the ultimate cause for our actions is humanities disregard for it"
  • The only way to get to the Bunker entrance is through the help of either hundreds of explorer's making a rush or more likely some dirigibles used as distraction to herd the "Protectors".  Giant Crabs and Beetles from one path to another as explorers try to make it to the entrance
  • Some kind of indicator of Nemo's bunker but not obvious how to get there - make it a mystery that can be seen by twinkling reflections from the observatory - once know something is out there you must navigate to it - a back up to Morse code is a flashing device from bunker entrance to the cliff - flashing device is a mounted mirror device - a mirror with hole in middle for aiming sun flash and a reticule projecting out from that for placing the sun reflection on reticule - if flash of sun is on the reticule then where the reticule points is where the sun flash is directed
  • ivy covered wall inside bunker conceals a passage in what appears to be a dead end cave but leads to the giant Lagoon window - in a dead end you would automatically look for a continuation but if a room with some other purpose then participant unconsciously assumes that was the sole purpose of the room versus a link to elsewhere
  • Huge bunking rooms
  • a brig/jail for the ambivalence of anti-suppression - sewers etc. all the austere aspects of military life
  • Bunker is a string of submarine simulation so sailor already used to the austere life before assignment to a live sub
  • As secondary protection of the Bunker, it has a string of "mushroom towers" that rise out of the ground (tower twists upward for a cinematic effect as the view pans and rises for the explorer) and can also provide respite from the dreary underground by stopping at any height up to a few feet above the jungle canopy
  • great for new views of the jungle and Giant Crab viewing etc.
  • The towers hold scavenged mismatched ship cannons for defense but the ability to rotate and control height of the tower allows the focus of specific powers and ranges among the cannons to be focused in any direction
  • several rooms piled with treasure and cannons and pathways through them
  • At least one spot that combines into a natural cavern just for that natural beauty as Nemo and we all appreciate


  Lagoon Window
  • Nemo: "This may be a window to a part of my soul.  My bunker no longer holds the voices of my men.  What is it we lack, that drove my men to despair?  What beauty is framed by this window, that was not enough for them?  The Sea was always the femininity for me since my losses"
  • the inland bunker entrance is far enough away from shore that when exploring the bunker complex... coming upon the reef window is a complete surprise - save the best of undersea visuals flora and fauna until the huge window from the island side looking into the enclosed reef - window approach should be from a balcony that comes right up to it so the lower spars of riveting lattice at the higher pressure don’t screw up all the view - the darker just able to see bottom is mysterious enough you want to find way down to next level to scope it out
  • huge glass artistic (like church glass/stained glass mixed in with transparent panels of glass) with huge snails cleaning it that cover half the glass
  • in the reef viewing window room the back wall has a fabric of a color to reflect light specially by the air movement from vents - so when it matches up with color coming through tinted window it combines to make another color - perhaps RGB so blue water red curtains mixes in room to green RGB - i know this doesn’t work but maybe it can be manipulated or a different set of colors
  • a glass - tunnel runs suspended in the lagoon near the surface from the vicinity of the reef window to the metal island/OMEN island - but it is damaged 2/3 of way there and the intermittent pressure doors closed at the damaged area
  • need a room that pops up into lagoon from an underground tunnel near an underwater statue with fish swimming near by - accessed by tunnel by way of the bunker and reef window



Keep Following the Trail..

The Bunker is your only initial access to the wonders of

Nautilus Lagoon



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Welcome to the Nemo's Mind Design Document!