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  Underground River

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  Underground Rivers
  • the underground river is accessed by mini-sub dolphin at high tide - any other time the river spills out of the bottom of the cliff rift just above the ocean water
  • water flows out of the southern cliff rift and into the ocean next to the enclosing reef of the lagoon  - the underground river penetrates a distance and then splits into to 2 water ways - the flowing route to the west cuts back and is not obvious - the eastward route doesn't flow with current
  • only mini-sub Dolphins can penetrate the underground river - due to current of the underground river - very small opening (more current)
  • the only indicator of the westward route is ambient water rush and jostling in the current will be the indicators of the river of life - where both join the volume bigger and less current with the combination - so the noticeable change from medium current to none will be an indicator of a branching that isn't totally obvious
  • see River of Life page for more on the westward route
  • symbolically the river of life and the river of death - one makes its way to Poison lake (see below) in the desert and the abandoned nuclear research laboratory - the other surfaces in tropically alive settings and leads to the condensation sphere driven by nuclear evaporated salt water
  River of Life and River of Death
  • if you investigate the river flowing out of the cliff rift at low tide then you can investigate by foot to see that you want sub in there - make it easy to see cave by big entrance and or water spilling out of it
  • watch out for stalactites falling getting dislodged etc. like the movie
  • need a huge whirlpool - mysterious - affected by tidal? A barrier to sub unless tide is at high tide  - could be a swimming challenge
  • do forced surfacing in caves by making shallow - and when river surfaces on island - to get new views without the top half of sub and above water
  • navigation lights at intersection of rivers to clearly indicate 2 underwater passages - one to the lake and one to the Underground Sequence by way of the river of life - a different color in each direction - so later on the participant will want to come back and try the route they missed - but make it easy to miss seeing the river of life route on the initial exploration going into the island interior by making the "Y" of the intersection splitting from the River of Death direction
  • can hear change in prop pitch and current against the sub when entering or going against current into the River of Life - any spot where passage narrows then current increases and should be detectable - no current going to the poison lake route so very fast through the tunnels for a cool ride and navigation fun - explorers could time selves or have mini-sub races through numerous splits and fast turns and double entrances and up and down turns not just side to side
  • have a cave part that extends above the water and has something cool to explore by foot
  • underwater river could have flashes of creatures melding out of the rock as manifestations of tragedy or human subjugation - also real creatures that you get fleeting glimpses of - bumping against sub - and see them in distance - mystery 
  • River of Death - because the branch of underwater river to the poison lake is non - flowing - have to go through several sub locks - unless you open up both locks then you could make poison lake much bigger since it is downhill from the volcano - so a current until it equalizes - could make a cool interaction
  • but sub locks would interfere with some cool sub racing through the treacherous tunnels
  Poison Lake
  • may not be seen until arrival by sub - is tucked away in a corner of the Mesa - purposefully hidden so there is a good chance of coming in by sub and the user not knowing where they are at
  • evidence the place was abandoned and in ruins - tattered flag on the flag pole etc.
  • Atlantis road also ends here so evidence of Greek style oasis juxtaposed as ancient dreams against resultant technology - birth of science (one of many) versus possible outcomes
  • the research for the making of the condensation sphere, the nautilus, and nuclear energy done here - possibly showing the sacrifices for the technology such as accidents, and environmental damage - dead trees that thrived on the abundance of water at one time
  • sub is only way to penetrate the poison lake structure nestled into the southwest corner of the high desert plateau
  • if discovered earlier in the exploration on foot or by dirigible then you may not be able to penetrate because of complete darkness - need the electric lanterns from subs as described in the book - so even if found early on they will have reason to come back
  • when water route surfaces on the way to the poison lake it would be cool as a deep ravine first - so you can see surface way up above outlined by the crack of top - seeing this from the top would be very cool too - keep it unconnected to the poison lake so its not leading a participant on foot right to it - trying to manipulate seeing this only by mini-sub Dolphin 
  • plans and fabrication machinery showing construction of Dream Sphere, OMEN island , nuclear energy, etc.
  • sand turned to glass from nuclear meltdown - molten sand glass mixed and in fantastical shapes -  ravaged landscape that blends in with the desert lava scape - a cool non-juxtaposition
  • the part of the Atlantis road leading through lava to the lake etc. can be easily hidden by the lava and sand so it is patchy enough - idea is to make it so a lot of participants will later realize they could have found the way by road but most don’t



Keep Following the Trail..

The River of Life is the path to the Water Shaft



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