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Navigation Scheme

  Final character quote from a manuscript version of "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea":

"Who has ever been able to sound the depths of the abyss?"




    Exploring Nemo's Mind
    Linear and open exploration

The Maps page will also help explain the navigation routes through Nemo's Mind

  • The navigation through out this virtual world is a controlled mix of linear and non-linear exploration.  This combination strives to make the explorer "miss" some areas so there is something to find or hear about later on.  This will also give the explorer a sense that they will never quite find everything of interest in Nemo's Mind.  A very simple example is to make the Eastern beaches flanked by steep enough slopes that they will beckon the explorer to abandon the beach and miss the first Dream Set at the end of the beach

  • The sense that there is always somewhere the explorer has not visited will force the non social explorer to do some communication and then by the time they slow down on exploration then they will be more comfortable with "talking to strangers" and maybe even use it as a communication platform with known relations

  • Wide open terrain on land and underwater equals adventure and the natural desire to explore

  • Refer to the Maps and hit the Barriers tab to to see the natural barriers that exist on the surface of the island

  • The explorer could have a way of recording their coordinates at any moment (and labeling them) and then passing on favorite locations to other explorers

  • Nemo's Mind should become the embodiment of humanity and beauty.  It is the full focus on beauty that will bring the explorer's back continually over the years. 
  • Maximizing the beauty.  Some general environmental ideals:  motion, color, interaction, ambience, architecture, nature.  An example of  the use of one of these criteria is the idea that every scene must maximize movement by the use of water reflected light or wind movement on plants etc.
  • The broadest possible description of the explorer's journey is navigation first by foot and then must access a personal mini-sub "Dolphin" for any underwater adventures and this is also the only way to access the aerial navigation by personal dirigible.
  • Nemo's Mind has carefully controlled navigation.  Users will see personal dirigibles and talk to fellow users and hear about the “mini-sub” dolphin and the Nautilus as modes of transportation that they will be able to find and use.
  • Does borrow some game (or life elements?) elements, such as goals.  Funneling -The navigation has controlled exploration points and drives exploration by being goals to reach modes of transportation or new areas.  The navigation is not linear but does have some funnel points.  The areas of general constriction in movement are large enough the user will miss features.  So the user has reason to revisit the regions of the island.  This leaves them more to find when they get their personal dirigible.  Gives accomplishment and attaining what others who tell you about these explorations have.  You can see dirigibles in the sky and hear about mini-sub dolphins that each explorer can attain.  And of course there is always finding the Nautilus, which the mini-sub dolphin can locate for you for a secondary (social mode) way of underwater exploration and the only way to access certain underwater features.


Land   Navigation

  • The explorer first hits Genesis Beach in the S.W. section and is funneled to the East by the cliffs.  Within the area between water and cliff is a large belt of jungle for exploration

  • If the explorer tries to swim West from Genesis beach then the current coming from the S.W. will push them along the beach until being caught in a corriolis on the W. end of the beach created by an out jutting rock that is the S. beginning of the Cliff Rift  that splits the island into the E. and W. side

  • As the explorer moves East and the beach curves Northward then they can move inland or follow the beach N. until it curves back to the W.

  • Huge open exploring in the center of the island is only blocked by one strip of cliff stretching from the 3 Sisters Mt to the North shore.  This forces the explorer to go south or north and leaves more open terrain on all sides to hit later.  Explorer has a good chance of missing huge sections of terrain this way

  • The Cliff Rift is a natural barrier coming from the West side but when the explorer first encounters the Rift they may entertain the idea of dropping off the cliff to get past the Rift when coming from the East side.  To prevent this and to give a fast way of traveling from North to South along the Rift and to introduce a fun activity.. the explorer will find that jumping off will lead to a bungee like experience where they can fall almost to the bottom and then sling shot back upward and with normal movement controls and yoyo their way along the cliff face

  • The Cliff Rift forces funneling between the cliff and the volcanic crater.  This is where the Observatory sits and can't be missed.  The explorer can share information with others gathered here and will find that this is the social heart of the island

  • Only way past the Cliff Rift going W. is to jump off the Cliff Rift at the very N. end where the ancient road falls off the end and into the water below.  Jumping into the water at this point will pull you toward the shore of the West side of the island

  • The West side is all open exploration and the explorer is trapped on this side until accessing the Underwater section.


Under Water  Navigation


  • only way to progress at this point is to find the entrance to Nemo's Bunker which is in the middle of the West side

  • When the explorer reaches the end of the Bunker they encounter a glass wall into the Lagoon.  There is a way to get from here to an underwater dome in the lagoon and then enter the water it self after donning dive suits

  • Lagoon exploration is limited to the bottom walking of the old fashioned dive suits

  • The only way to access the deepest end of the lagoon and to get to OMEN island is by stepping into the gas column of bubbles rising from a vent.  Before learning to manipulate their flight up the bubble vent the explorer will end up into the deep part of the lagoon but will note that they can probably reach the suspended walk way that reaches OMEN island (perched atop the reef) if they can leave from that side of the bubble column

  • From the suspended walkway the explorer can access OMEN island and get their own personal mini-sub Dolphin.  They can only leave from the ocean side of Omen island and can't access the Lagoon

  • The explorer can go anywhere in open water and to Atlantis by following the ancient road that drops off the N. cliff Rift


Under Ground   Navigation

  • To access the underground areas the min-sub Dolphin can get into the underground River of Life and the underground River of Death at high tide where they spill out of the S. end of the Cliff Rift.  The River of Death appropriately dead ends at Poison lake in the interior.  The River of Life ends at the middle of the Cliff Rift after surfacing in the W. side of the island.  To go further, the sub can go through some water locks and then rise up the glass encased water column attached to the cliff rift and then hook up to some tracks to roll along into the Underground Sequence.

  • The Underground Sequence is a linear exploration until resurfacing under the volcanic crater lake


Aero   Navigation

  • paths will take the explorer almost up to the top of the rim when they find the dirigible launching facility and gain their personal path to freedom and full access to everything


For more information on the navigation scheme and development see the Maps!



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Welcome to the Nemo's Mind Design Document!