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  Ocean Awaits

The Virtual World will be the highest expression of art/self/community - addressing the human condition and advancing the global culture



  • reached only by sub/boat - is up current (so can't swim to there) from the main island at the S.W. tip
  • the rock exists but the light house suddenly pops up on it (and is translucent) when you step on the rock - the rest of the big island disappears until you step off the the rock island
  • an early memory of Nemo’s that was a life changing event - the light house and all the human artifacts are transparent so not really there - the light house indicates solitary and plays on that theme of a light house keeper gone mad seeking escape from society - and is associated with Nemo’s first experience of the sea
  • we interpret all reality by memory (internal or experiential) so the island is encapsulated at the furthest edges of the islands length by the light house at the west end and the cabin retreat in memory forest on the east end
  • A second link to Nemo’s past - the rock suddenly materializes when you come near - so may be missed until you get directions from other explorers - dock and light house materialize into semi transparent structure as you approach - carved of white coral blocks excavated out of the ancient reefs

  • the story from the guide and party starts at the dock so participant will hear and see shadows of the party when they approach and can follow - the story is of the need for a better lighthouse - how this one was made - how the last keeper disappeared after living there several years - made statues and then smashed them - isolation and...
  • Nemo about the evident madness:  "It is easy to see those who abuse their family also show the symptoms against neighbor and nature"
  • current comes in from the West so the light house rock could get a lot of, wave on rock action on that side
  • light house and broken maiden statue both carved of coral - and blocks of coral
  • memory - make a tour all in shadows on the ground  - a childhood memory - the guide and the royal party could all be represented by shadows on the ground and only hear the voices - reliving the tour of the light house - all pre-turn of century and a parallel of Nemo’s isolation and departure from healthy community - 
  • a dock for handling shipments of fuel for the fire used in old light houses and hand turned elevators to bring up the wood/coal
  • make source of white coral construction apparent as the excavation from the making of Nemo's Bunker
  The Sea
  • Any time the explorer is near or in the sea then the companion dolphin is there
  • The original Nautilus is in the lagoon as a static display.  There are unlimited copies in the sea for the explorer to use but appears to any one user as just one submarine.  This cures overcrowding
  • These secondary social centers can be set on auto-cruise through the island reefs - drive it or look through the museum and surreal paintings among other parlor past times as you look out those huge round windows to the sea
  • make some areas to find under water that can only be found by navigation hints from word of mouth such as a feature of underwater terrain that looks like a dragon
  • should the reef ring the whole island? Reefs build walls - would be great for a nautilus set on auto cruise at a certain depth to follow along while participants play chess etc. next to the windows of the Nautilus
  • Atlantis road continues underwater where exposed by height 
  • other developers could add island or underwater sea-scape such as Atlantis etc.
  • a possible Atlantis out away from the island with the calcified tree forest as described in the book - and of course (as so much of Jules Verne's books) the fate of Atlantis is tied with local volcanic activity - Atlantis somehow fits in the dream structure theme - if not into the island /sea/Nautilus themes -mostly by association (in the western hemisphere) - any intellectual activity before the turn of the century was associated with studies on Latin and the philosophers of ancient Greek/Roman studies - So Nemo and his machine are products of those disciplines - and as you would expect -there are a few Latin inscriptions floating around on the Nautilus such as "Mobilis in mobile."
  • A huge underwater structure to zip around in by mini-sub Dolphin
  • night in the sub or witnessed by others on the island is the bio-luminescence of disturbed microorganisms - could also be a feature if the sub goes into a dark grotto and sees the bioluminescence on rocks etc.
  • underwater volcano such as in the book - maybe visible from high on the island
  • On the ocean side of OMEN Island is a forest of sea weed with a capture the flag set up for min-sub Dolphin exercises (games) and an obstacle course with a timer that freezes after each run.  Bumping the timer post with the mini-sub Dolphin resets the timer hand.  Bumping starts the timer hand movement and bumping again after completing the obstacle course stops the hand for inspecting the run time
  • raise a sunken boat - treasure - giant oysters with pearls - the usual grand adventure, turn of the century, view of the sea
  • Underwater shipwreck - Nemo Quote "A token of my misgivings.  This was my very first sinking.  As a young lieutenant trying to overcome the tyrants of India, I began a campaign to move the British beacon pyres to steer the warships into the rocks.  This was just the beginning of a life that understood 'he who controls the sea, controls the world' ".  The wreck has a trail of debris from the hole in its hull back to the teeth that tore her.



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Welcome to the Nemo's Mind Design Document!