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  River of Life

The Virtual World will be the highest expression
of art/self/community - addressing the human 
condition and advancing the global culture



  River of Life        Leading to Condensation Sphere
  • could make it so the sub driver doesn’t see the fork (see underground rivers) to the river of life/condensation sphere  unless looks back on path to see other path lights or heading back from the poison lake - so one or the other would be overlooked - make it so the river of death is more obvious to follow and see the other fork easier on way back from poison lake/river of death
  • the river flows underground until reaches the shadowed jungle and then occasionally rises up to surface through canyons and then up to jungle
  • when river surfaces it would be cool as a deep ravine first so you can see surface way up outlined by the crack of top and then goes underground again before getting to the water shaft (see below)
  • once river goes underground again from the jungle area there won’t be as much water volume (lower area has some water from other streams
  • the sub of course would have extremely cool underwater lights too - perhaps a special colored light that automatically spotlights fauna that gets to close to the mini-sub Dolphin - or allows the explorer to use as a spot light
  • end of river of life is the water shaft going up and into the Cliff Rift
  Water Shaft
  • A way for the mini-sub Dolphin to rise up the cliff rift and access the Underground Sequence.
  • Water Shaft is 2 way transit with mini-sub Dolphin cliff rift barrier
  • Glassed in water column next to waterfall -  a pressure lock underneath it so water is trapped there - like a water elevator - riveted lattice across glass plates are more numerous crisscrossing at bottom of glass where more pressure
  • river surfaces at base of cliff and only way to go forward is through the sub locks just below the surface toward the cliff - cliff on which you can see heavy plate glass structure enclosing the cliff - making a water shaft 
  • once past the double locks you can rise up the cliff behind steel girders - so you could be in the sub looking out over the tropics fantastic - as you go from underground upward into the glassed in water shaft  the use of the locks releases a deluge of bubbles that rocks the sub
  • You look out over the Shadowed Jungle as you slowly rise up the Cliff Rift along with a few scarce bubbles while gently knocking against the glass occasionally
  • allows the sub to go up glass enclosed cliff - what a view as you climb almost to the top of the cliff rift (going further means an artificial tunnel with tracks the mini-sub Dolphin can hook up to - this water is static non flowing but connects into water from the condensation sphere - over flow goes down artificial waterfall next to and visible from inside the sub vertical shaft - from top can surface and get out of sub and check out top of waterfall
  • Snails clean the glass and can see their trails - reminder of the window into the lagoon when leaving Nemo's Bunker (reminders are great for giving scope to the environment ) some bubbles rising
  • Nemo: "So many visions of the elements of glass.  The ability to separate and yet reveal.  Two disparate forces that may be the secrets of the mind"
  • the lower part of the glass water shaft is  where most pressure is and more interlacing steel needs to run over the plate glass - leaks of water spurts out from the seals - glass could have waves in it from old manufacturing - make all fit turn of century tech and also reality in physics and mechanical ways - huge snails keeping the glass cleared of algae - that would be some great animation and a fun little feature to have spotty algae and snail trails through it leading right up to animated snails - very cool effect to look through the glaze of algae to the outside view over the top of the shadowed jungle
  • along side the water shaft is an artificial waterfall the explorer can take a ride down (not with sub) - waterfall is also a water clock
  • a super deluge on the hour by water clock as a water container drips at steady rate and then tips the next container tripping the deluge in the next reservoir down - participants could show up on the hour for a ride over the falls and into the pool below that feeds into the river - perhaps can climb up the riveting that holds the enclosed water within the cliff to get back to the top and also an alternate path going up the cliff until it reaches top of water shaft and artificial waterfall



  Tunnels, Tracks, and Runoff
  • Once you surface then the Dolphin cockpit hatch opens back and the body hooks up to a small track and starts going up a tunnel
  • along the way your Dolphin goes by a "Y" in the track that splits going back the way you are coming from (leads to the Giant Bonsai)
  • The track and tunnel is a part of a water system that feeds the 2 waterfalls
  • at top of enclosed waterfall the explorer can continue on foot or by hooking the sub up to a dry land track through artificial tunnels
  • the participant can hook up the sub to a track that parallels the continuing water way into the condensation sphere that feeds the water way they just used - the waterway flowing from the sphere branches off to the first track and to the pool at the observatory house - the track can be switched to take the sub to the enclosed bonsai - place lighting so it reflects off the track rails
  • the water to the cliff pool has very little flow and the minimal overflow goes to the fire fountain and pool at the observatory and then down to the bonsai enclosure - the bulk of the water just goes to the  waterfall 
  • tracks that the sub can hook up to for dry transport - can control speed of the sub track transporter to make it a roller-coaster - would be easy to do frame rate wise in small space
  • as track tunnels lead to sphere and the bonsai enclosure use same lighting as in the nautilus indicating electricity in the underground tunnels


Keep Following the Trail..

The Condensation Sphere is the beginning of the Surreal Underground Sequence



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Welcome to the Nemo's Mind Design Document!