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  Pantheon Globe
  Overview   The Super Conscious Sphere
  • the desire to have a round half dome room to enclose a representation of earth and having light come through a round hole in the roof (bottom of Crater Lake) - eventually realized this was the Roman pantheon - this is a perfect example of how a design can be planted subconsciously in the mind and then the mind thinks it has come up with a great symbolic architecture only to realize "oh yeah it is the Roman Pantheon!" - also an example of how all design in this program can be symbolic/buried in our past
  • Once in the center of the room under the oculis window showing the blue water of the lake above - huge 3D Earth sphere materializes and we see all the details of land, water, mountains, cities from the inside of the globe
  • The visual is the surface area of the globe - the thin skin between Earth and space
  • Each of us is the embodiment of the worlds inhabitants, cultures, governments - and not oriented to any one geographic location
  • underground sequence starts and ends at a sphere
  • When all the dualities have been exhausted then you come to a single half sphere
  • Entering the last half sphere animates outward into a cavern 
  • the room is lit by a plate glass oculis (ceiling) of light through what appears to be water and a beckoning shaft of blue light atracting the explorer to enter
  • When you step under the oculis and look up then the round oculis (the room is essentially an eye) expands to envelope the explore in a blue globe and then the continents fade in to allow the explorer to  turn and survey the planet they float within
  • You are raised up till your eye sight is directly in the middle of the Earth sphere
  • The sphere changes from the standard glow to a representation of the moon
  • 1/3 of the globe is in the darkness of night - the lights of the cities and highways show the nations of the darkened Earth - day and night shows on the globe - beautiful city lights and ocean and weather effects
  • The Earth is set to true local day and night conditions  and perceptibly rotates to show the creeping movement of day and night (same speed as watching sunset)
  • After some kind of trigger the user exits the sphere and rises through the plate glass light entrance above and into the lake of the crater


  • Roman Pantheon dome sphere - use the half dome architecture plus glass top oculis that is the volcano lake bottom - if a dirigible flies over head what cool effect could participants do for each other? Perhaps a sun ray focuser on the volcano rim fixed in orientation to the sun to keep light into the dome
  • at least have a prism at top that casts the colors of the rainbow into the pantheon until activating the globe - refracted sunrays play on the walls
  • water trickling down side of Pantheon wall from the glass window at top - so explorer knows obviously a body of water you are under
  • when you step into center of dome then you become centered into a fade in from the inside of the earth with 3D transparent relief seen from the inside in all 6 directions- a true mother earth view - with weather and true day and night - as dictated by real world and the lighted/daylight side is dictated by the light shining through the top of sphere -  wave dappling (from the lake) shinning on globes translucent surface so light goes through top to the side of globe - on the night side can see the city lights - city lights will look absolutely cool bouncing off the underside of cloud cover
  • visual global awareness - the Chile coast is going into night - tilted axis would be very cool and easy to do depending on time of year - so whatever hemisphere you are in (if the program is eventually true to life) - if it is Winter then the globe is flipped on its axis -(to match up with the sun coming through the top of Pantheon sphere) -sun light on the ocean parts could be very cool and show the actual lay of terrain in the ocean bottom - how Nemo like - to see all from underneath - the continents would be mirrored reflections horizontally (compared to normal view) and rotation would be from the viewers right to left (unless world is flipped as above) - done with those mental gymnastics yet?
  • this is also a dose of reality - as you automatically look to the area in which you live - it is hard to escape how much brighter the night time (city lights) is in Europe,  Japan, and USA, compared to S America and Africa - no better way to physically show social conscious themes then showing the whole world at once with real night and day rotation
  • explorer still wouldn’t know  they are under a volcano unless someone told them - hopefully participants in explorative virtual worlds will not reveal to others what they haven't seen - another cultural aspect we will explore with thousands of others
  • at a trigger from the participant to leave - the globe disappears and the Pantheon turns upside down - the former floor dissolves to water and the rest of the Pantheon dissolves into lake bottom and the glass to the Pantheon on the lake bottom is still there - the participant floats up to the surface (with the same sound effects heard each time the program starts up and stops with the sounds of water and bubbles - an association with a beginning) - the half sphere of the Pantheon turning upside down and transforming into the rough half sphere of the volcano crater is some symbolism - as is the coming back into the world by way of water - the leaving of subconscious
  • Make globe in pantheon of a non-collision model so it is high polygon – add spot lights to the walls that rotate with the globe, as if the color of the continents is reflecting – make it noticeable - use this in applicable areas in rest of shareware
  • Wavering lights at top of pantheon from sunlight and spotlight that is moving at same rate as the one at observatory and globe is in sync for one rotation per sun revolution – uh oh – so this is an indicator of what part of the world NM is in
  • Dripping water sound and rivulets coming down walls of pantheon


  Crater Lake
  • a huge scenic lake in the hollow of a deep volcanic crater
  • bubbling water rises up in one spot to indicate artificial source of water (from the condensation sphere)
  • the highest water on the island - mountains/volcanoes/water especially at altitude symbolizes transformation of consciousness - semi maze like climb up the sides of the surrounding crater is a sure sign of mental climbing - mysterious as don't know for absolute sure if even still on the island or in what mountain
  • end of the subterranean sequence - first are the dreams (condensation/dream sphere) then the revelations (DNA tube of binaries) then the Roman pantheon of the world as the sum of all the binaries, then rebirth into the volcano lake like the matter of earth being brought to surface, then the climb to freedom (the balloon house)
  • once on the surface of the lake, you can float over to a dock and go through a glass tube rising up from the lake and through a pinnacle
  • Once through the pinnacle you follow a crude path around it and onto the crater wall
  • follow upward to a crater rim trail that surveys the island in full until you make almost a full circuit back around to the northern sea side of the crater when you come to a housing just below the crater rim
  • a different colored aqua greenish water from the stagnant nature
  • paths go through lava field to top of volcano rim from sight seeing and the balloon house 
  • path starts on a projection that juts out into the lake and is almost as tall as the crater - so path winds round it and through it to an overlook into the crater lake (something big swimming down there?) to the saddle between the pinnacle and the crater wall
  • once on the crater wall the path takes explorer all way round crater to get to the top on the north end
  • part of path could go through or over the crater rim and skirt on the outside of the outer cliff
  • rock/boulder field inside of volcano takes a while to find way through
  • give the crater a double crater with cool spires seen only from the inside and cool to float over in the dirigibles - water connection between the craters so you can swim from one to another - more hugeness - more lostness (new word)- more isolation
  Balloon House and Dirigibles
  • at top of the volcano rim on the east ocean side is the balloon house with explorers personal dirigible - styled after "Around the World in 80 Days" - get in and the roof automatically slides or opens upward and the dirigible is mechanically elevated up until it is caught in the breeze - do you hear the music cutting in?  its a track of Moby?
  • Crater Lake and Balloon House are only accessible through underground sequence except after gaining personal dirigible
  • this is the place each participant can gain their own personal dirigible to complement their own personal mini-sub Dolphin
  • only get personal dirigible after making through the sub parts and to the top of volcano

  • an over the top symbol of freedom after reaching the release of higher consciousness
  • imagine how cool it will be to first get a dirigible and the first landscapes are drop offs on all sides of the volcano - looking down into ocean or the 3-D scape of the crater with spires and lake
  • surreal previews or flashes - and deja vu - such as a flash of falling or flying when first seeing balloon house from a distance - symbolism to use through out the participants exploration
  • balloon house carved out of the rim rock  - with glass dome roof like the Titanic grand stairway
  • balloon house roof slides to the sides or splits into quarters and separates just enough to break up sky really cool and allow dirigible out - inflating of dirigible should be fantastical
  • dirigible could go anywhere in the non-windy part of the day - seeing sea life from above is too cool
  • dirigible offers new sights to the sea life from above like jelly fish - schools of fish and patchy sand rock underwater terrain (Molasses reef in the Florida Keys is a prime example of up and down underwater structure making a 2 tone splattering seen from above)
  • need things of interest as only seen from above like the natural patterns in the sand or patterns in dunes or shallows of beach showing current - cool detail slanted sand ridges of coral debris under the water as seen by dirigibles
  • The housing has your personal dirigible - add some great music by Moby at this point as you rise above the crater rim


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