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  Bonsai Enclosure

The Virtual World will be the highest expression of art/self/community - addressing the human condition and advancing the global culture



  Bonsai Enclosure
  • A cave stretching from bottom of the cliff to the top.
  • Can be accessed through the Monarch of the Seas of the Observatory.
  • Spiral staircase of girders and bolts descend through fog  
  • Is a dead end until after gaining mini-sub Dolphin in land track mode to access from the River of Life.
  • Cave has a giant opening at the bottom 1/3 of the cliff.  Openning is closed off by plate glass where the Giant Bonsai and garden resides.
  • Orientation of the glass so it can’t be seen from above on cliff top at any angle.  It should be a surprise.  Overhang may help with this and looking at overhang from the inside of bonsai Enclosure more visuals and massive boldness.
  • As humanity has always done - we constantly struggle with the need to subdue the environment - to create a garden to be enclosed from the human and environmental elements and then curiously see it as a laboratory on nature - but this still doesn't detract from our attraction to just that.
  • As one of the underground sections, it will be popular at night as it is always lit up by electric power.
  • Opening the entrance to top of shaft to bonsai brings up fog from within.
  • Explorer will find themselves on short spiral descending stair case that obviously connects with the top of another off to the side.  Must hit a switch at the entrance to the staircase that will rotate the observatory back to its original position and then the 2 staircases line up.
  • Just enough lights attached to the stairs to illuminate moss glow on cave walls and other bio-luminescence and to show the dripping form the ceiling.
  • 1/3 of the way down is the bottom of the fog layer and the accompanying echos of sound from steps on the stairs rain from above hittingthe stairs and sounds from below.
  • Halfway down, the spiral staircase is disrupted by the overall diagonal and veritcal slant of the cave.  2 horizontal cat walks.  One leads to a glass, room sized Bay window architecture projects out past the cliff for a closer look at the jungle than is available from cliff top.
  • Other horizontal walkway  takes explorers over the new spiral stair case downward into the bottom part of the diagonal cave.  This part of staircase could be diagonal with supporting metal beams jutting from the cave walls.  then into rock that is carved to spiral down one revolution and then spiral down on metal stairway and onto jumble of rocks – so from either side of the rock intersection you can see the path continues just on other side – visually see the continuance.  
  • Before second spiral descent the stairs are topped by a crow's nest..
  • As you descend through the fog you begin to see lights below and start to a jungle develop below - then you drop below the cloud layer - rust and weathering on the stairs reflect the graduated level of moisture at each step in altitude with heaviest fog at the top- its a rain forest - continual splattering of rain on the spiral staircase at it winds in a huge diameter downward
  • As explorer descends into bottom 1/3 of cave you enter an area 4 times wider than the upper cave and can see a huge cave openning walled in with plate glass metal.
  • Bottom of stairs are totally overgrown and disapears into the rain forest.
  • Opening is enclosed with plate glass and that good old riveted metal reinforcement - so participant will descend a spiraling metal riveted staircase while seeing the glass cliff window and the jungle beyond and the reflection of the giant bonsai
  • The huge area is filled with a giant twisted up ancient tree that has all the shapes and curves characteristics of a Bonsai and underneath the branches a garden.
  • Huge thick limbed bonsai has pulley platforms to elevate up and down - scientific experiments and instruments at top of platforms - takes a team approach to use pulley elevators.
  • Supports for the giant bonsai tree in enclosed environment (is also a hint of controlling nature or binding it down if some of the supports wrap all way around the limbs) could be multi purpose - some you could slide down - easy to hide in the giant roots/shadows etc.
  • Limbs snake off and cross over each other etc. - multiple paths that lead to different parts of significant areas of garden.  Limbs are the paths stooping down to the garden and cave rock sperates areas. 
  • Bonsai shapes seen from benches and other view points show recognizable shapes.    
  • Huge boulders and exposed roots arching as they go over terrain. Much of the bonsai is on top of a huge boulder. 
  • A giant Asian cork carving - not lifesize but half size to see more in perspective from the branches of the bonsai - bridges and cork birds etc!
  • At ground level the rain drops have a meditative pattern and sound level.  Much pooling and streaming.
  • Asian style garden with pools, flowing water, rocks, sand, Koi, meditation spots, stairs etc.
  • Shadows cast shapes from the lighting under the bonsai branches.  the light sources also play on the jungle outside the glass at night .
  • a waterfall spilling out of an opening in the cave wall with train style tracks mysteriously coming out of same opening and down the wall  - both are artfully hidden by landscaping and growth.  Only the sound of the waterfall gives it away.  Can't get to opening unless have mini-sub Dolphin (in land track mode).  So it is a preview of places to reach later on.  Don't allow explorer to see how track enters the chamber so when  exploring the end of the the Rvier of Life later on they will be surprised to surface into the bonsai enclosure.  


Keep Following the Trail..

First Stop after getting past the Cliff Rift  are the Slave Docks



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  4 Examples 
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