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The Virtual World will be the highest expression of art/self/community - addressing the human condition and advancing the global culture



  Statue of Transformation - Binaries entrance
  • a transition from the caves of humanity to the binaries
  • classic interactive art - as you walk around it your horizontal relationship to the statue transforms it from one figure to another -  combining cultures and peoples from all the world - all are in the dress of Nemo's time or prior
  • takes the symbolism of the caves of humanity and combines it into the next obvious symbol - we are all the same - all one form in the interactive giant transforming statue
  • some of the figures have details of suppression/slavery to contrast with figures of freedom


  •  - as you walk around it your location changes it from one cultural figure to another and from free to enslaved - 
  • to disassociate this area and the next from the subconscious and from Nemo’s technology one of the caves wanders off just like many of the "caves of humanity" do - the cave of humanity leading to the statue of transformation has tableaus of people doing artistic activities such as gardening,  jewelry making, writing etc. - art as the way to finding self and universe
  • The cave opens up into a huge cavern dominated in the center by a colossal statue of a very happy boy with a toy ship - You look at this oddity and then look at the symbols carved into the cave walls - a collection of art from all ages and stretches of the world mixed together
  • As you survey the art you turn and notice the statue is now semi-shapeless with barely recognizable human features - a few moments later you see it has changed again
  • You watch the statue as you move and see that it morphs as move around it
  • Stopping makes the morphing stop - you discover 5 different statues that show all the major states of living emotion and the morphing between them
  • You notice the statue of the ruling class Roman woman with her foot atop a temple seems to have a real entrance in the temple
  • initial entrance to this whole area is a dome type doorway framing 3 metal spheres in the background 
  • 3 metal like/shiny spheres (in juxtaposition to the same size as the stone stone spheres in the jungle of Genesis beach - gives a sense of time since that first exploration) - same material only can't walk through them like the half domes in the binaries (also same radius) - spheres touching - set in a circular groove  - with instrumental tones coming from within the hollow spheres as the spheres are rolled around the groove by the participant - makes music that goes forward and backward by the direction they are pushed - huge (20 feet - 7 meters) so they rumble very lightly - they roll like 3 balls in your palm in a circled groove set in the ground
  • 3 spheres are great distraction in this huge cave - and suddenly you see the wall where you came into this huge room and see a 3D relief mural that just looks like cave wall up close - that big
  • assigning meaning to 3 equal size spheres that are connected and work as a whole should be a classic conversation in this underground sequence - subconscious, conscious, higher conscious - this part of the underground sequence would be the level of consciousness where one is aware that there are 3 states of consciousness
  • all other walls are covered by classic cave art
  • make petroglyphs cave of petroglyphs while twisting etc. and petroglyphs moving over the surface!
  • use a fountain as opening to the area with giant statue that can only be found by sound - true 3D sound - the water pressure and additional spouts interacted with how close the explorer approaches - wide open space makes fountain very intense audibly like a waterfall - perhaps some of it is floating islands - complex, airy like the mind but intractable from the laws of the universe such as the play of water across the surfaces is always by gravity 
  • the surprise as you walk around statue and it transforms - homage transforming statue is so big you have to go to upper natural cave path/balcony from a distance to appreciate it from waste level
  • surreal transformations such as huge statue going from Greek woman to Russian worker to Japanese mother to wheelchair painter - a great humanity homage - as you walk around it transforms and if you stop then it stops in mid transformation - could make some interesting juxtapositions (word of the day) - all carved from the same rock so you will see different parts of the rocks fixed features like cracks and veins as the statue transforms - marble whorls - find a great rock example to model off of - some cool use of volumetric 3D
  • one enslaved and one free with books (one of the books would indicate justice) - books are enlightenment/freedom - if statue is transforming then may be able to control viewing distance by funneling and only allowing approach (to gain entrance to rest of level) from one angle
  • the Greek woman and male far eastern monk statues have entrances to the binaries area - a portico/Greek female at her feet that leads to the binary domes - the far east monk has his hand down to the ground and going up inside sleeve is the second entrance  - excellent duo/binary entrances - leading to these insights into the universe and our place in it - entering human statue to get to the binaries says that we contain the elements of the universe within our selves - so 2 entrances that could be dressed as opposites politically and in relation to nature - both lead to the same 
  • note for earliest versions - cheaper transformation than continuous morphing  - supposed morphing of statue is actually many separate animations (in first versions)- once you reach a certain direction from the statue then it transforms from recognizable to unrecognizable - next animation goes from unrecognizable to the next statue form

Lava tubes and other branchings out from the statue area

  • a few flickering electric lights
  • volcanic and lava and bridges all over
  • in the middle of the volcanic caves is one of the bigger caverns with petroglyphs from around the world - could have separate walls labeled somehow with the area of the world each set is from
  • the theme is all these petroglyphs from around the world show similar symbols and the desire to communicate and art is internally universal
  • use iron girder bridges
  • could put in an area with old mining mechanisms to interact with - lifts etc. - a chance to change from natural cave walls to more angular human changes
  • add echoing in the caves to voices - maybe there is a a cheap way to take the participants voice and do an instant echo (not an echo that is delayed) right back out of that participants speakers as if in closed environment - make sure there are other opportunities for more environmental echoing  




  Binaries  -    Double Helix
  Overview   The Conscious Sphere 
  • all orientation is lost - the participant is inside nothing but blackness that only later hints at going upward - the only surface visible is when the half dome binaries (2 halves of a sphere) light up and show some curvature of the terrain and it becomes evident the participant is in a tube (more of that spherical influence)
  • after doing enough sets of binaries the participant can look back and see the spiraling sets of pairs - DNA - double helix if the lighting thrown off the binaries connects right
  • a double spiral is symbolic through out the world and is most often associated with cultures connected to water - a DNA strand seen on end is a double spiral - the strand seen from the side as a double helix is also symbolic from times long before the discovery of DNA - also derived from the rising wispy form of smoke
  • so our modern symbolism now and from antiquity all give messages of worlds from within
  • both paths from the statue of transformation end up coming into a tunnel on respective sides of first binary set - set of half domes that you can walk through the surface of -  inside are the dualities of the human universe
  • Entering the statue temple is an entrance to a perfectly round tube
  • There is a glow at the far end
  • Eventually there is nothing behind and only the glow ahead
  • Then the tunnel becomes pitch black and you see 2 half spheres glowing next to each other
  • The half spheres are about 8 feet tall
  • You come up to it and find that you can walk into it
  • The inside of the sphere houses a small bright sun that you can also walk thru
  • You walk out of the sphere and go to the second sphere - inside is a moon
  • When you walk out you see that a second set of half spheres have appeared
  • inside these is a post in one and a hole in the other
  • walking out, you expect a third set of half spheres and you are right
  • these contain a "0" and a "1"
  • these dualities continue and at some point the user will turn around enough (probably when going from one duality to its mate) and see that the collection of half spheres have offset down the pitch black unseen tube to make an obvious double helix (and an easy association with the DNA chain) spiraling down the path
  • binary domes could be shiny bubble like without revealing anything inside - is animated and appears to move by air current like a soap bubble - (in an advanced engine maybe participants would waves arms in front of it to play with the surface - arms or body going through makes surface play - so if behind someone as they enter a binary you see the influence on the surface texture of the shiny binary
  • binary pairs show up as you do each successive pair and this makes for a DNA chain spiraling down the tube - when you look back - if more of these dualities are added in future just extend the tube - tunnel is pitch dark except the first 2 domes/spheres are lighting area nearby - so can’t even see tube surface above you - then you do the first 2 and next ones appear and give light - very soon you will look back and the DNA chain will be linked by light and rest of tube is darker - binaries sets of half domes (making a whole) spiral through the tube - maybe the next pair in line is a sphere until approaching and it divides in half and then flattens to half spheres - could do thousands of replicating splitting patterns to go from whole to halves that copy known patterns - the images come from some where within - maybe one splitting animation goes into yin and yang shapes before turning to domes but stick to the same colors not black and white - leave that for inside the domes
  • the first pair is sun and moon - the next is black and white  - the next has a rod sticking out of the ground and the other has inverted shape of same into the ground, next could be water and land, fire and water, etc. so all on left of the column are feminine, black, moon, 0 etc. - the moon might be a 500 yard replica can walk on (find ways to make the art interactive)
  • One of the last sets has the straight line in it like a number one and the other has a circle or O for the digital age - some dualities are always reborn
  • the domes could make for cool interaction by scale differences - walk into one side of dome and find self in huge room - use outer part of binary for quick navigation by going out and walking to other side and entering - (could use this same idea as a quick navigation somewhere such as island map at the observatory)
  • could have subsets within one dome - or instead of the animated sequence of the 60’s film where you see the big zoom out to the edge of the universe and back to subcutaneous, the participant could do it at own speed as they walk through one dome within another
  • perhaps one of the last binaries contain: need a piece like the 60’s animation short film that shows a pull back far out into the cosmos and then back to the picnic and into the microscopic/DNA level - maybe make this a binary of space versus time - the time animation could show the speed up of one spot through a hundred years or a time period that covers the same speed at which light would take to travel the distance covered in the space animation at the speed of light - research time - one binary is the zoom in and the other is the zoom out
  • very last binary is artistic representation of the creation of universe and other is destruction - big bang - one shows the cosmic masses swirling down into a torroid shape and going totally black - the other binary shows sudden bright light and then universe expanding swirling out ward into a plane of gasses
  • participant has to go through every binary to get to trigger appearance of Pantheon entrance
  • The entrance to the Binaries is through 2 of the figures.  The Binaries - walking into the dualities of 2 half domes, pair by pair, they light up a spiraling chain of lighted half domes,  creating a double helix (DNA chain) - The Binaries represent the conscious mind in the Underground Sequence



Keep Following the Trail..

The Last Stop on the Underground Sequence is the Pantheon



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Welcome to the Nemo's Mind Design Document!