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  3 Sisters Mt's

The Virtual World will be the highest expression of art/self/community - addressing the human condition and advancing the global culture



  3 Sisters Mountains    -    High Coniferous Arctic Biome
  • by the way of a "portal bubble like interaction" the mountains become snow covered as if much higher than they really are in relation to the rest of the island
  • A chance to turn the whole island visually into a snow zone


  • offers the top of the world isolation feeling - tries to catch all, that standing on top of a snow covered peak can give you - a sense of: no humanity, isolation, sharp contours versus the flatter softer contours that can be seen below
  • high altitude/snow covered mountains are universally recognized as spiritually transitioning between lower and higher consciousness


  • cross an invisible sphere surrounding the 3 Sisters mountains and they change from desert to arctic - turn around and rest of island is also in white - pure white beyond the mountains even the ocean is ice over - could see the white start from the top and freeze out in all directions - and talk about a water theme - no wind or anything - a real frozen world
  • interaction is the discovery of controlling how to make snow zone appear 
  • make sure the circle starts below the tree line of forest that appears in the snow version
  • "in project" the mountains are called "3 Sisters" because the terrain is a copy of those mountains on the Cascade range of Oregon
  • manipulate/funnel participants to hit arctic sphere on southern side with alpine lakes - alpine lakes on the southern side reflecting mountains and possibly sun or moon from the southern angle - so must make sure terrain and or flora don’t prevent that
  • snow melts off trees and some rocks in sun/afternoon 
  • make terrain detail so that seeing from the 3 sisters you don’t see observatory house or obvious routes to it - can always hide with clouds
  • clouds below the peak forming off the glaciers when sun hits snow - fog from warming snow
  • have to cross the snow sphere line in the dusk or dawn to see the mountains in snow - it stays in permanent dawn or sunset - until you leave - when you do leave you go back to real time and sun and moon etc. transition very quickly to the real time of day - like a time camera sped up to catch back up with real time.
  • Aurora Borealis!
  • put glaciers and glacial pools on North side of terrain - lots of water and echoes of water moving and dripping- a mammoth or other surreal scenes frozen in glacier
  • leftovers from climbing expeditions as theme on human nature
  • a surreal reenactment of a Nemo memory - climbing a peak in Asia - as his family reflects on the lucky who get to adventure just for the exploration versus the ones who don't have the resources to see these adventures
  • island turns back to desert when you re-cross sphere or an adjusted sphere further down slope


Keep Following the Trail..

        You can't go West with out going through the Heart of the Island        The Observatory



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Welcome to the Nemo's Mind Design Document!