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  General Dev
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  General Development Plan
  Stage 1   Shareware Stage - see 3 Level Plan
  • voice by open source code program - goal for shareware is one on one enhanced long distance phone call type communication
  • interface shell will detail the needed open source coding and scripting for specific interactive art pieces etc. - so the possible contributors can see exactly what we are trying to do to bring each area alive - this is an open source development that haven't been tried before - evolve the design and program in the public versus trying to get the interactive program to the highest quality before any release - this is the downfall of most grass roots start ups - much easier to put it out and then get the interactive elements polished and added as time goes by - more motivating
  • anyone can work outside of the 3 level plans and make a showcase level based on the design doc for use in the shareware/publisher demo to show public support - all work will be credited now and forever
  • will use the open source development engine "Genesis3D" - the program will be very easy to make since we are not making any game elements and this will even be to the graphic advantage
  • limited to a program with wonderful terrain and art - already useable as a shareware distributable chat program
  • pass any coding by the public eye for possible sharpening of voice interface and front end option controls
  • once an initial demo is up then hopefully some of this will get more attention to the Genesis3D community - open source to develop the interface shell and more participant controls
  • I feel that this demo will get backing because it is not a game but still uses the ability of the systems sold off the store shelves in the last year - this product is targeting mainstream use


  Stage 2   First Complete Island Version
  • make the initial static art more interactive through open source coding and add more interactive art
  • add more flora and fauna - replace some of the tropical with deciduous and coniferous biomes - possibly decrease fogging radius in the more foliage detailed areas such the small pine needles of the coniferous forests
  • add static (non-interactive) animations specially the surreal elements
  • keep using fogging as needed to limit visual range in open environments to keep frame rate up - in the first stage of development may have to use fogging to limit polygon count in the out door areas scaled to the end user machine so the frame rate doesn’t come to a screeching halt - later years can remove all together as technology allows - for now it can add to the surreal and fogging is fascinating to non- gamers - even in later years may want to keep some of that ambiance in a few areas
  • keep in mind all the design document details will not be in the first useable version - get a useable chat terrain out there and then add to it as we gain more support - for instance all the biomes may not be in place at first and may only have tropic and high desert in the first version or 2 - then later replace some of the tropics with coniferous etc. - tropics are the priority since the large leaves are easier to render than the fine structure of the coniferous forest
  • add non-interactive and interactive art through the use of models/actors out of StudioMax or any program that puts out compatible files - example: transforming statue could be triggered to do countless separate "transformation" actor animations - could even be in 2D to make it easier on lower user machines? - for the size since it rotates toward the viewer already - later on turned to true stop and go morphing
  • non-interactive art pieces can be actors out of modeling programs to get smoothness etc.
  • lighting may be limited on the first version for frame rate
  • slow the mouse look and first person movement to non-gamer, non-disorienting speed
  • option to make a scaled down version of the island - raise the ocean - later versions raise the island/lower the ocean
  • we can’t get all the detail we want into it with out running out of steam - get a useable version out there and then evolve it and ad to the program as support grows - charge nominal fee to ensure more use - word of mouth - build market - returns will be enough to pay for further development


  Stage 3 - First Evolution of Nemo's Mind
  • enough momentum to sustain its own future
  • distribution of first versions gains word of mouth and helps develop the market for terrain chats
  • increase the detail and polygon count and/or decrease/move fogging further out/eliminate fogging unless used for ambiance in some areas - could keep fogging specifically for heavy graphic areas and leave some plainer just to get a break from the fogging - lower part of island (where all those CPU sucking trees are at) could stay in perpetual fog and higher desert could be clear - if at any point Nemo’s Mind becomes financially sound we will put money back into its source - the Genesis3D
  • hopefully the engine will be at portal level technology and can use more portals than level loading for transparent transitions
  • users update by downloads at minimum fees


  Stage 4 - Long Term Future
  • Nemo’s Mind now has unstoppable momentum and the marketing method is known to the users - download successive evolving versions at nominal fee - part of the motivation to do so will be Nemo’s Mind theme of anti-suppression and its support of social causes in various focus methods
  • The process of global input to keep the art evolving to the highest possible quality and relevance to real world cultures will always be inherent to Nemo’s Mind and keep it as one of many virtual worlds for the rest of global net history
  • at this stage we can start getting fancy with day and night transitions and even try to match up tides and night and moon to the actual local cycles of the participant or the server location - the additions that really drive word of mouth and promote the virtual world applications as chat terrains and shopping malls or the representative every large city will have as promotion etc. - we will all have rewarding art filled careers for ever - (they all lived happily ever after )
  • contribute back to Eclipse/Genesis3D

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