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The Virtual World will be the highest expression of art/self/community - addressing the human condition and advancing the global culture



Having a lot of experience with teams, organization and management of teams, I know credibility/integrity is the heart of this project. Trust will be the underlying framework and it will become a greater and greater part of the framework that will make Nemo’s Mind succeed. My actions and the behavior exhibited - as we put this project together - will prove simple intentions. Once this framework is established - then Nemo's Mind will soar!



I will not use any returns for my own welfare for at least 3 years.  All returns will first go back into the welfare of the development team.  After 1 Jan  2003 I have enough resources to continue on very little income (in the name of the dream) - I will continue to put all resources into the evolvement of Nemo’s Mind and those that make Nemo’s Mind happen, the team at Genesis3D and their engine, and to further social consciousness (through art theme, active support, and possibly through a cut from every purchase of the program).  If the organization of Nemo's Mind works as planned, these should be easy goals to reach over the next 4 years, and we could be on our 6th shareware version by then.

Financial concerns may also be solidified by publicly displayed agreement established by the Core Team.  Maybe the number of hours spent by each team member is permanently recorded and the percentage of time compared to all other Core Team members becomes a source of royalty off of all income for life.  Keeping in mind that Nemo's Mind will always be maintained as a cutting edge virtual world.

In financial rhetoric: "that’s the bottom line" :)

H. Kevin Long  30 June 99



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