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  Final quote from 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea:

That which is far off and exceeding, who can find it out?



  Contributors/Open Development
  • Nemo's Mind can and probably will be a one-person project in the first 5 years - this page is posted for those that want to play and use Nemo's Mind as a reference
  • any contributors will get credits in the intro screen and at any time the participant within the terrain of the island can hit a button to read up on the terrain or art and for the artists and level creator credits
  • full credit is given for your future endeavors - contributors will be a big part of the programs front end screens
  • soon we will need to be ready to switch from restrictive indoor designing to outdoor designing
  • if you have any insight into the book or Jules Verne or the history of its printings or the 2 movies please let us put it on the future Jules Verne trivia page or into this program
  • the art will take the longest - the sooner we post concept graphics the sooner we can develop the theme and excite the imaginations of the 3D terrain makers
  • please submit any ideas you have for terrain, structures, art, surreal sequences etc. even if you don’t have anything tangible to send
  • to get Nemo’s Mind to the level of pure art will require more than a small team or the ability of any formal commercial development - hundreds of contributors - a global input will be the way of the future to produce an evolving piece of virtual world art - as a Virtual World we are entering a stage like the OS (operating System like Windows that keeps improving through the years) where a quality program can’t be built in a short period and then dumped for another venture - a true work of art must improve through the next decades - so we may set the basis - but a contributor may come along 25 years from now and add to the art of a certain area and her name will be added to the comprehensive list of proud contributors that started this project and possibly come back 5-10 years later to update their previous contribution
  • any capital gains will be focused back into the further development of the program and the furthering of all virtual worlds - please see the possible futures section for the eventual state of this virtual world program - that will become one of the first world wide accepted communication programs and a model for future virtual worlds


  Fantastic Ideas
  • got any? Let us in on the collective consciousness


  Artists and Poets
  • Any art can be submitted - if it is in a material form on paper or even in clay we can translate it through to the computer representation with extreme accuracy with tools today's tools or scanned in to the computer and then turned to 3D
  • eventually something like a short verse could be triggers if read out loud - giving the participant the ability to change time of day etc. a good example is until reading a poem about shadows the participant can’t see the shadows that tell a story in locations they have already been at
  • if you wish to send textures - we will be using 256x256 textures for much of the terrain and architecture - if you have any textures you think we can use please send them in - keep in mind that we will soon be using at least 512x512 (pixels) so please send any texture and we will modify it for the present program and save its bigger cousins for the future


  Music and Ambient Sound
  • at least half the mood and expression will come from this arena - probably a mix of classical pieces and anything that has a strong feel that applies to a particular environment
  • there are many tracks ideal to emulate the mood off of - and solicit from instrumental/synthesizer artists and maybe even get the original tracks of a few songs from published artists- please see the list of tracks so far suggested by contributors and please tell us about some of the great music you think belongs in Nemo’s Mind! and show the kind of moods we will want to take our cues off of
  • Cocteau twins has cool water music - shimmering reef music - track 1 and 4 of their "Otherness" CD - track 4 "behind these" is a great one for the reef window - Vangelis "Voices" CD has a military track or 2 that would be fitting for the Nautilus and the 5th is a great sunset song -  lots of good stuff on Moby too - track 14 of Animal rights is great freedom music for lift off in dirigible at top of volcano - he is a (track 8) global/animal rights etc. 
  • any known artist might just bite for a new art
  • Shostakovich piece - dig out your old Cosmo soundtrack (Carl Sagan’s TV hit) that reminded of the Nautilus going through the caverns
  • The first "art-house" style simulation - needs music - lots of no copyright classical music - Aranjuay/Tomita and the Toccata/organ music in the Disney movie


  Texture Artists
  • save several resolutions for the future versions and gray scale for special projects like the alternative Gray scale shareware level


  Terrain / Level Designers
  • Why will we use Genesis 3D? Go to our Genesis3D page
  • use any textures as stand ins while the program is put together
  • if you use free textures or your own please send this info of the source so credit can be given - all other textures will be replaced or agreed upon from the originator before distribution
  • when we use a beautiful rendering engine with out the gaming elements we can increase the detail load and the expanse of outdoor terrain ... the key to the future of Nemo’s Mind is this program is designed to evolve and take advantage of the software and hardware technology as it evolves - see more ways this particular program will have a creative advantage over the game use of the same engine at the 3 Level Plan


  3D Modelers and CAD Designers
  • A flyby or animation you  already have may be good for the dream sphere - as an animation in surreal sequences or deja vu/premonition scene if not actually for the dream sphere
  • must all reflect consistently with each other, pre 1866 when book starts
  • artistic license comes first but needs to reflect the themes
  • any structure from before the turn of the century that is associated with the positive subconscious/dreams from all the cultures of the world
  • INMO island, bunker complex, the Nautilus would be great CAD projects to base our models etc. off of
  • if you have the ability please make an avi fly through and fly-bys along with copy of model and 3D data - if you have the ability to put the files in a couple of common formats that would be very helpful - we might be able to transfer from CAD right into our terrain


  Avatars / Model Makers
  • make highest detail as possible and then scale down - save original for future resolutions
  • Genesis 3D is model friendly and a great shareware product "Milkshape" is helping out (see the resources page)
  • after release people will want custom avatars or pets etc. - the user will be looking for modelers to make custom avatars - this program will plug your art to those potential users - should be lots of styles that a user will become enamored with your style
  • keep avatars in this program pre-turn of century


  Photos / Books / Art
  • do you have any scanned copies of the earliest black and white photos, paintings or books from 1860 or earlier? as in the novel the lounge had framed photos - or maybe you have an idea for a shot we can stage and put in black and white - also see how they can be used in the Nautilus to give an interactive art experience
  • the Nautilus will eventually have 20,000 books dated before 1860 as in the novel
  • hoping to put pictures of contributor tagged art in this design document and then in Nemo’s Mind
  • we can even use a physical piece of art such as sculpture or a physical model as a basis for transferring into 3D digital art





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Welcome to the Nemo's Mind Design Document!