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  The Nautilus

"..and in that respect moderns are not more advanced than the ancients.  It required many ages to find out the mechanical power of steam.  Who knows if, in another hundred years, we may not see a second Nautilus?"                   Nemo




  • The famous submarine millions since the turn of the century - the other turn of the century - wanted to prove their worth in - have dreamed of - it is rich in textures, mechanics and purpose
  • Nautilus can't penetrate the lagoon or hook up to INMO island
  • location of Nautilus is dependent on whether other participants have control of it - if you are doing solo then where you left it last - if a new explorer then it is initially in the grotto - same rules apply to personal mini-sub Dolphin and dirigible
  • Nemo’s domain - the Nautilus - Nemo even had a black flag with a big gold "N" on it - he ruled over his personally designed machine - made specifically to sink the ships of the worlds suppressors - the Nautilus can be used as a psychological template of Nemo or the program of this design document - it has riches yet living quarters are monk like - it has scientific instruments yet celebrates art and music - the hulk is beautifully designed yet for one purpose, to spear war and slavery ships - leaves the society of "Man" - yet celebrates it through the Nautilus' floating museum of art and text
  • also the Nautilus and the shipwreck on the other side near Genesis beach are both manifestations of Nemo and as the products of his past 
  • the Nautilus is also a very modern symbol in some ways but an ancient one - the foretelling of nuclear energy "the power of the sun" - once the mind grasps something it pursues it and makes it real - so even within the Nemo's Mind program - the concept of Nuclear energy should only be seen as a symbol of humanistic pursuit that sometimes conflicts with nature - like all the things we do - none of us could doubt if Jules Verne were alive today his next book would take nuclear energy to the next level where it becomes... but no one knows for sure a 125 years later if the power of the sun will save us from the excesses of other energy forms or if it threatens our existence - a question with out answers or agreement from any of us is a perfect theme for Nemo's Mind
  • the power of the sun question is symbolic of the eternal questions of our interaction with the forces of nature
  • of course so much power combined with the Nautilus' purpose both make the black beast of the deep a foreboding symbol - sea monsters were still a possibility in the human mind of Jules Verne's time - and if nothing else he could create one - in the same shape and purpose
  • Nemo's Mind pushes this line exploring the "power of the sun" because it surfaces in 2 other places - the poison lake and the dream sphere - the outcome of both, balance the other - a theme of good versus bad use of technologies explored in the book and today

          engravegrotto.jpg (31614 bytes)

  • The Nautilus should be treated like a large ship as far as the grandeur of its internal architecture - unlike a real submarine, the fantastical Nautilus can have 2 story rooms with winding staircases and chandeliers
  • see the underwater glow of sub at bottom of the lagoon's deepest
  • access Nautilus by swimming up into its pressure pool
  • mobile copies of Nautilus (the fleet) allows lots of underwater sight seeing

          engravewindow.jpg (28113 bytes)

  • player will want to go see the underwater section of 1st and 2nd dream structures by Nautilus or all three by mini-sub Dolphin - ruins that couldn’t look at closely before - so to see the structures from a height as a preview of the 2nd set of underwater ruins you can see it from high cliffs on north eastern side of volcano - height/straight down angle is how you see down into water and see creatures etc. 
  • huge thing to explore - can steer it but need to use buoyancy controls too
          engravesublights.jpg (30421 bytes)        engraveparlour.jpg (36352 bytes)       engravechamber.jpg (36666 bytes)       engraveengine.jpg (33345 bytes)
  • surfaced subs rock in the surf/waves so the screen rocks if you are on one - slowly of course for the video motion sick
  • how do we handle the Nautilus wandering around under one participants control to be available to others? - maybe all can direct its movement by voice command so it would be like an elevator stopping strategically on the way to other customers - could also handle this by each member having their own mini-sub which is necessary anyway for track travel and under ground water travel - and they can chase the nautilus down and hook up to it- so as a person comes onto the program their mini-sub and dirigible would materialize where they last left it - lots of possibility for personalized dirigibles and subs as our personalities intrude on Nemo’s
  • the way back to your personal mini-sub if left at the dream/condensation sphere is only through the help of another through either the salt water access to the condensation sphere or the river of life or the bonsai enclosure
  • dolphins - trained by Nemo? Old scar-faced one protecting the sub - is a barrier to gaining sub? - must make dolphin believe you are good?
  • use the photos and paintings in the sub (according to the book)as a surreal pull in into the picture as 3D art so you can walk around in it - some computer artists probably already have some 3-D paintings that could be used for walking around in and could be easily transferred from their file format to something tomorrow's engines can take as is and dumbed down for use now - paintings would be transformed into 3D statues colored and textured in the style of the painting - with cool background sound effects floating within the painting or photo - the photos would be black and white and would be statues in gray scale - we need good scans of the very first days of photo
  • Mysterious Island details some of the paintings as those from European masters - details in some versions of the translation from French - could even give some of them the texture of the real paintings brush strokes in thick oil - or split up an image so it only appears from certain angles 
  • example of 2-D gone 3-D - such as pointillist - scene changes as you walk around all the hand daubed points hanging in space, and not in the plane they were originally painted in but with different z axis - could make the dots so a different scene is available on 2 sides or dots could shift as you walk around it or through it - to line up into a new scene - some body have a copy/scanned of the famous pointillist park painting? We can throw it on here for all to know the example
  • set on auto-cruise by depth so it will circle the island
  • make the sub capable of auto-pilot - so the explorer can enjoy the sites at the underwater circular windows while playing a game of chess - chess is so Nemo (and the game is used as metaphor here for any other activy the participants can do while the Nautilus moves around the island - a great atmospheric place to converse at least while hearing the hum of machinery and the natural sounds of water
  • an anchored or un-anchored boat must show wave and current and wind direction
  • a grand father clock only electrical with the classic chimes - to sit next to the chess board in the lobby/museum of the nautilus to enjoy the round windows
  • find pre-century/1867 books - 12,000 or 20,000 books according to different translations - solicit on the web - with stories or events detailed - use as basis for some of the surreal events staged elsewhere on the island 

          engravelibrary.jpg (37267 bytes)

  • surreal events for the nautilus to see out its windows at specific depths versus specific places



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