Nemo's Mind
like hand coloring yesterday's photo.. we are painting tomorrow's Virtual World


Paint Tomorrow's Virtual World


  Nemo's Mind

Nemo's Mind

Nemo's Mind

   The Aim                             The Art   


To bring on the next generation virtual world and a more human interface on the social plane

Mainstream use of higher end hardware, borrowing game industry 3D for the promise of a global communication platform

Provide a "conversation piece" to walk within.  A terrain of interactive art, culture and  surreal & mysterious exploration

To be the social conscious, humanistic face of virtual reality - in an epic, world culture way, that only this industry can achieve

On the ocean of your mind       an island only you traverse          under the surface         a collective sub-conscious few discover

The island       the psyche's refuge     the mind of Jules Verne and his most famous creation       Nemo

A construct of conflict            the troubled humanism of anti-slavery and anti-oppression 

Landscapes      surreal     fantastic technological   exotic

a living island         a global collective consciousness