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  Dream Sphere

The Virtual World will be the highest expression of art/self/community - addressing the human condition and advancing the global culture

  Symbols of the mind's levels of consciousness
  • The Underground Sequence is the last major area in the broad linear exploration of the island and is symbolized by that in the last area before surfacing and by the access to one's personal dirigible once reaching the inside of the crater

  • Initially accessed by the River of Life by way of the Mini-Sub Dolphin and later can be accessed from the Giant Bonsai area by railed Mini-Sub

  • The predominant linking symbol between the 3 areas of consciousness represented by the underground sequence (of which the dream/condensation sphere is the first part) is the sphere


      Placement in the Navigation Scheme
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  Theme Tags
  • Sureal
  • Technology - nuclear condensation sphere


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  Sensory Description



Sensory Description

  • The end of the River of Life is the enclosed waterfall and the open waterfall
  • The Min-Sub can go through 2 water locks to rise through the plate glass enclosure of the enclosed waterfall
  • You look out over the Misty Jungle as you slowly rise up the Cliff Rift along with a few scarce bubbles while gently knocking against the glass occasionally
  • Once you surface then the Dolphin cockpit hatch opens back and the body hooks up to a small track and starts going up a tunnel
  • along the way your Dolphin goes by a "Y" in the track that splits going back the way you are coming from (leads to the Giant Bonsai)
  • The track and tunnel is a part of a water system that feeds the 2 waterfalls


  • The tunnel opens at the bottom to the staggering view of a huge underground sphere - so big its raining - imagine the sound! sound lessens toward the top - sounds like a waterfall with the water coming down the surface
  • To maximize surface area for condensation, the surface is scored vertically, which also helps the flow of water
  • The Dolphin stops and now you can here the echo of moving water
  • The sphere reaches from sea level to just below the top of the cliff rift (or the halfway up the crater?)
  • You can't tell what is heating the sea water through a natural looking side passage
  • a small plume of steam rises up from the center and dissipates
  • The view is heavy or oily looking with the slight fogging of high humidity
  • You see the different colors of the different rock the sphere was carved out of - giving the sphere a reddish and gray marbled look 
  • You climb out of the Dolphin and climb a metal walkway
  • As you climb you see more and more condensation on the volcanic walls and more of it visibly flowing down the walls
  • Multiple aqueducts line the sphere's surface collecting the condensation and channeling it outward to the stream of water paralleling the tunnel back to the waterfalls
  • Where the walkway spirals upward round the sphere and intersects the aqueducts, you decide to ride down some of the water sluices
  • much of the sphere wall is pocked by rough openings where the carved wall intersects the porous volcanic material
  • almost to the top is a circular walkway around the sphere surface
  • coming to this circular walkway you see other explorer's drop items into the sphere
  • You look down to see the items produce a sphere filling fog within which you see amazing visions filling up the sphere
  • You look through the items you have collected in anticipation of this feature you have heard about from others
  • Dropping a pearl produces a vision of the full moon panning down to waves covering the clams
  • Dropping 
  • When exhausted of items and no one else seeming to have one, you start back down the walkway


  • volcanic and lava and bridges over
  • You notice others taking the first aqueduct they come to and sliding down until it intersects with a volcanic opening in the sphere wall - the other users disappear into the opening
  • Copying the others you come into the lava cave and hear the rush of air
  • Following the tunnel you see multiple pathways but every intersection has a cloth hanging from the ceiling - you go in the direction the air pulls the cloth
  • You begin to hear a strange whistle of air getting louder
  • You come to a huge grilled vent the air seems to escape out of - it is easy to tell it blocks anything from coming into the sphere from the outside (This is the mysterious vent that may be discovered earlier in exploration because of the odd noise it makes)
  • Continuing up the tunnel you see a petrified body of a deer on the cave floor
  • The cave opens up into a huge cavern dominated in the center by a colossal statue of a very happy boy with a toy ship - You look at this oddity and then look at the symbols carved into the cave walls - a collection of art from all ages and stretches of the world mixed together
  • As you survey the art you turn and notice the statue is now semi-shapeless with barely recognizable human features - a few moments later you see it has changed again
  • You watch the statue as you move and see that it morphs as move around it
  • Stopping makes the morphing stop - you discover 5 different statues that show all the major states of living emotion and the morphing between them
  • You notice the statue of the ruling class Roman woman with her foot atop a temple seems to have a real entrance in the temple


  • Entering the statue temple is an entrance to a perfectly round tube
  • There is a glow at the far end
  • Eventually there is nothing behind and only the glow ahead
  • Then the tunnel becomes pitch black and you see 2 half spheres glowing next to each other
  • The half spheres are about 8 feet tall
  • You come up to it and find that you can walk into it
  • The inside of the sphere houses a small bright sun that you can also walk thru
  • You walk out of the sphere and go to the second sphere - inside is a moon
  • When you walk out you see that a second set of half spheres have appeared
  • inside these is a post in one and a hole in the other
  • walking out, you expect a third set of half spheres and you are right
  • these contain a "0" and a "1"
  • these dualities continue and at some point the user will turn around enough (probably when going from one duality to its mate) and see that the collection of half spheres have offset down the pitch black unseen tube to make an obvious double helix (and an easy association with the DNA chain) spiraling down the path


  • When all the dualities have been exhausted then you come to a single half sphere
  • Entering the last half sphere animates outward into a cavern with one full complete sphere suspended in the middle of the room
  • the room is lit by a plate glass entrance (ceiling) of light through what appears to be water - the light is directly over the globe
  • The sphere changes from the standard glow to a representation of the moon
  • You circle the globe and then go toward the bottom of it your head goes through the globe and inside you see the Earth as if seeing the surface from the inside
  • You are raised up till your eye sight is directly in the middle of the Earth sphere
  • 1/3 of the globe is in the darkness of night - the lights of the cities and highways show the nations of the darkened Earth
  • The Earth is set to true day and night conditions of the time of day and perceptibly rotates to show the creeping movement of day and night (same speed as watching sunset)
  • After some kind of trigger the user exits the sphere and rises through the plate glass light entrance above and into the lake of the crater


  • once on the surface of the lake, you can float over to a dock and go through a glass tube rising up from the lake and through a pinnacle
  • Once through the pinnacle you follow a crude path around it and onto the crater wall
  • follow upward to a crater rim trail that surveys the island in full until you make almost a full circuit back around to the northern sea side of the crater when you come to a housing just below the crater rim
  • The housing has your personal dirigible - add some great music by Moby at this point as you rise above the crater rim


  Underground Sequence
  • upon reaching the condensation/dream sphere the participants begin a journey from the subconscious to the conscious - from inner self to the world - an exploration of spheres that goes from the condensation/dream sphere (where dream animations are produced) and climbs to the Binaries and that climbs to the Pantheon Globe - before breaking into the crater - which it self is a rough half sphere opening to the world
  Condensation / Dream Sphere
  • steam rising up from below - a huge underground sphere carved out of the rock by Nemo - fog condenses on sphere walls and runs down into aqueduct providing fresh water to observatory and river of life
  • hear a pulsing sound from below where the nuclear/steam plant lets out steam in a soft rhythm in a way that it is subconsciously like a heartbeat at a slow rate of 35 beats per minute
  • intersects with networks of caves (caves of humanity) from the bottom of the sphere all the way to the top
  • sphere covers the distance from sea level (ocean water at the bottom) to a point almost touching the surface of the island in order for the condensation drainage to gravity feed to the observatory
  • the sub track entrance into the dream sphere is where the upper set of water catches drain out of the sphere
  • lower part of sphere is less thick with evaporation fog - imagine the echoes
  • condensation/dream sphere is appropriately the hub of the underground - it can be reached from 2 paths by min-sub Dolphin by land track mode and by Grotto and is the gate to the rest of the underground sequence - also the hub of water sent to observatory, bonsai enclosure, crater lake, and river of life
  • the branching caves are full of rock carved tableaus of humanity all feeding into the sphere physically and evaporation/fog wise and with water streaming back into the sphere from the caves
  • the sphere becomes a dream animator from the top balcony by dropping artifacts from around the island into the sphere - so the sphere could represent consciousness or entity - interpreting the dreams of the subconscious below from the vantage of the upper conscious
  • dropping artifacts found around the island from the top balcony to the water below clears the fog in a surreal way and brings dream animations associated with the object dropped
  • water/evaporation/condensation mixed in with the humanity (branching caves of humanity) and dream themes really do physically symbolize the universal theme of water as a medium of transition
  • in contrast to the river of death leading to poison lake facilities - this nuclear power plant is giving life to Bonsai Enclosure, Observatory, and the River of Life
  • will have some indicators of volcanic activity to theme up with the artificial power of the nuclear steam plant



  • track continues down the side of the sphere and can go down into the ocean water at the bottom - from here the sub can continue out the underground water way through the Grotto where the participant originally found their personal mini-sub Dolphin (circles - always com9ing back to your origins)- until finding a barrier that can be opened only from the sphere side - and now participant can access the sphere through the grotto - until this point this passage was a one way trip but is now open for that participant - so from inside you can open it up - until then the sub when in the area earlier might have seen water being sucked in and out during tide changes - tidal changes are something to be used over and over again for the Nemo’s Mind theme
  • the man made structures such as balconies and stairs and the condensation catch and supports are all in metal styled after the riveting and bracing in the Nautilus
  • balconies are at each level and  divided like the halves of the brain - the sub track is the divider at the bottom of sphere by way of track going down the side is a salt encrusted sub dis-engager to go water mode - maybe have to get hot water from the steam plant - to dissolve the salt so can use the switch - condensing water goes down to traps along side of sphere and feed into stream going down the artificial tunnel the sub track uses
  • the condensation catches could be a fun water slide or a quicker route back from the upper caves to the mini-sub Dolphin
  • evaporation source is nuclear heated ocean water - the source of electricity - steam plant is at bottom of sphere in a side cave - the source of electricity for the lights through out the subterranean sequence and through out the island such as the cliff and balloon house, INMO island, bunker and possibly the cabin retreat on the eastern forest
  • a second water route from the condensation sphere dissipates the used hot salt water - this is Nemo's anal side again and logically makes it so real dolphins can come into the bottom of the dream sphere through the other "Grotto" route without encountering hot high salt content water
  • the salt dispersion water route goes east and north and intersects the ocean at the underwater structures of the 2nd set of dream structures

Sea Grotto

  • one of the paths at the bottom of the sphere branching out to areas such as the power plant
  • could have steamed water (volcanic) and solid white cave from salt residue - sounds of boiling water
  • spiral staircase cut into the rock descends from middle of cave floor
  • should hear sound effects of water environment before seeing it
  • when steps first intersect the top of the sea grotto they continue down the wall so the grotto interior side is open to viewing and the other side of each spiral is cut back inside cave wall
  • half way down to the grotto floor the spiral turns to metal staircase since it was descending over an under hang and is open on all sides as it finishes descent to the floor (so it descends down the wall of a cave and then into midair when intersecting the horizontal part of the L shaped cave) - so a rock pile at bottom of stairs from excavating through roof of cave 
  • where the participant comes out of the steam - maybe a dolphin jumps and races through the water past the participant - later can see it racing around in the outer grotto
  • lots of dripping water sound
  • after exploring the cave floor you come out to where you can see outside the cave to the ocean



  Dream Animations
  • from the upper balcony - the participant drops artifacts that become dream animations
  • dropping artifacts from around the island clears the steam cloud as it falls through the sphere - fog could swirl outward to keep sides of sphere hidden or the view could become temporarily fixed so the frame rate doesn't stutter when the huge rendering scene appears - as the receding fog follows the artifact down (this is only chance to see carved sphere in entirety and is a prelude to the whole sphere theme to come)
  • artifacts could be anything that fit the various themes such as insects in amber (time, imprisonment)
  • dropping symbols from the balconies of upper subconscious to the lower (there are matching, but white salt encrusted balconies below) - and when it drops to that level becomes a dream animation/symbolic
  • perhaps to make solid objects from the artifact dropping in dream sphere the first thing generated is lines that grow thicker and colored to merge in to solids? kind of a digital effect though - make it more subtle? And also grounded in something old styled - as it climbs upward from the splash below - perhaps the wavelets of splash below splashes outward and when it comes back in it tosses the vision up or with dolphin too? - perhaps fog condenses down to form the lines first and then the lines weave - interleaving - dream weaving - very cool animation possibilities - perhaps the part of the island the artifact is from may influence the vision - visions might be better for animating by being shrouded or all else of the dream sphere if fogged - a leaf or something light could take a long time falling through the dream sphere - if one artifact is in motion then any others are frozen until the next one is done - all must touch object before they can see the vision - all start at the beach for a reason - make a sea shell have a "beginning" theme vision
  • first token dropped lights up the sphere - as it drops - and dissipates fog around it until vision leaves
  • such as a stone becoming a giant moon to walk around on? when artifact is thrown up by a dolphin (jump up into the air)  then perhaps condensation sphere disappears etc. - solicit artifacts and matching response in the wishing well - from water and fog and dolphins comes dreams
  • if explorer drops water it produces a see though spherical crystal with fracture refracting light from below
  • need a blue light coming through the bottom of the sphere that is just barely detectable when entering top of sphere that blooms up when you drop first token/artifact  - blue is from Tibetan dream meditation exercise
  • throw a pearl in and you get a vision of coming up to surface at high tide and moving to a small tidal pool with the moon in its reflection - could also get moon/tidal connections with moonstone or selenite as a nod to the association of crystals and dreaming
  • any flybys made to do alpha versions of the architecture in Nemo's Mind could be used as dream animations too - such as architecture flyby of  INMO entrance structure 
  • an example of a straight forward artifact to animation symbolism sequence - drop a flower into the sphere and an animation of an orchid flower bending down to the ground and a female figure curls out and separates from the flower - lying on the ground - could continue the sequence into the unfurling and drying of wings of a butterfly as the figure stretches and picks a petal from another smaller flower - okay maybe that one is corny but an example of the extended animation sequence that could be used...
  • the lower condensation catches produce 4 streams and at the bottom are gravity directed into 4 spouts of water arcing through the air and meeting at the surface of the salt water - the fresh water and warmer salt water could be an attractant to sea mammals for drinking and enjoying the warm water
  Caves of Humanity
  • the evaporation/fog penetrates into the caves and water drips everywhere and pools of water overflow downward into other caves and back into the sphere - lots of reflecting pools
  • the branching caves feeding into the dream sphere - could group areas of human activity from highest pursuits to lowest laterally and by other schemes or just
  • tableaus of humanity rendered in stone - countless depictions of every human pursuit - that and the sound of water dripping everywhere - both are details of time
  • echoing in the caves to voices
  • the sub track going down the side of the sphere intersects with the opening of a cave and this connects to all the caves intersecting with the sphere - the caves are your way to the top of the sphere where you can do the dream dropping
  • lowest caves - sex (notice how the lowest areas are conveniently salt covered and little detail :))- eating - violence - child bearing  - slavery - executions - dying of old age - scientific discovery - military - but all these are not just lumped together but divided into opposite sides of the dream sphere
  • salt caves or salt formations would be pretty - a good environment rule - could use funky salt encrusted primal statues that aren’t so bawdy because of the crusting at the lower primal level caves of the sphere
  • the sea salt encrusts all the lower mind examples of humanity in the branching caves - slavery and other forms of suppression might be kept to one specific negative cave or to one side of the sphere
  • some of the caves because of the lay out of the floor are flooded with water
  • branches of caves going away from the intersection with condensation sphere is  where put all excess art
  • the higher it is on the sphere branching then it is closer to the surface or more sophisticated human activities  - the lower stuff is more primal and subtle to go with the lower part of the mind - maybe a difference from left and right side of brain too
  • some of the lower caves could be steamy and dripping from moisture of the condensation sphere combined with the volcanic heat in the farthest reaches of the cave system -  with ornate structures carved into the rock and ornate lighting in the water 
  • one cave intercepts some of the condensation run off and this pool connects a pool opening to the surface
  • so this is where vent is at
  • caves so big they dwarf structures and stuff inside them - they have their own air pressure differences from outside fluxing wind or temp -
  • one cave branches off to the vent on the Crescent Moon Mountain side - the participant will be drawn down the cave and then when they see the vent from the inside they will remember hearing the sound a little differently from the outside - recognize the sound it makes with excess pressure billowing out of it
  • Just inside the vent grate is an animal skeleton
  • vent makes hellatious noise on incoming part of high tide - occasional wisps or early in morning it is obvious - these are the countless details the observer may not pick a up lot of them - but will be thrilled by the ones they do see
  • one cave has scientific tableaus and leads to the cave where radioactive ore is mined - this is an opportunity to show early mining technology and tools and perhaps interaction with mechanical lifts - water cannons etc.
  • one of the highest caves branching from the sphere (higher consciousness) - so one of the caves branching out from the sphere leads to the binaries area - that cave should probably be a cave with artists in the vein - that we all have art inside us - the condensation sphere is clearly a Nemo creation but the rest of the subterranean sequence is disassociated from Nemo - subconscious to conscious

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