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Dolphins & Mechs

  Final character quote from a manuscript version of "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea":

"Who has ever been able to sound the depths of the abyss?"




  • Perfect representative of the subconscious.  Supposedly the only mammal that never completely sleeps - 2 halves of brain take turns with conscious and unconscious states - possibly lives in a semi dream state at all times - the dolphin is also one of those re-entrants - all mammals are originally from land
  • first appearance is when you arrive at newbie beach and anytime you come back to the beach or get into your personal mini-sub Dolphin - Always calling the explorer into the water
  • blur the line between dream and wake state (like the dolphin maybe does - they have always been looked at as
  • messengers of another world
  • perhaps use specific dolphin or other sea mammal that is extinct
  • dolphin is used as model for the mini-subs
  • dolphin is used as art motif on dream structures from all cultures and as a Captain Nemo theme
  • dolphin is used as the caster of dream animations in the dream sphere


  Mini-Sub Dolphin


  • Upon leaving the outer lock of Omen Island in your mini-sub Dolphin you will be in the company of the companion Dolphin that accompanies the explorer every time they near the beach or enter the water
  • The mini sub Dolphin is personal freedom through the underwater realm (subconscious) and the link to the subconscious part of the underground sequence of spherical consciousness
  • mini-sub Dolphin is only way to penetrate the underground rivers and the underground sequence
  • mini-sub is in the shape of a dolphin with the top half glass - all lighting for the  mini-sub Dolphin comes from 2 diffused light panels inside the sub - one on the ceiling and one on the floor - this will give great shadow casting of the spars (from reinforcing the glass cockpit) - so as you go through the grotto or along the floor in a deep area or through the underground river the shadows will play on the surface of all passing structures
  • steering will move the mechanical fins (side fins) to act as planes to turn - direct both fins down to climb etc - one cool effect of turning one fin up or down is the pivoting turn that will tilt the whole min-sub off of horizontal until the fin is turned flat to the direction of momentum, so a cool re leveling after letting up or down on the control - steering by manipulating 2 separate planes will be just difficult enough that non-gamers will feel like real pilots
  • propulsion is 2 internal tubes along the sides of Dolphin with multiple chained propellers  (not efficient but pretty) to force water out the back across the horizontal tail
  • imagine the fun of a group of mini-sub Dolphins 
  • in a school of participants in their dolphins (although room for up to 4 in one) you can see the graceful movements and use of fins etc. - imagine the engine that could someday handle the play of shadowing and light thrown off by a school of 6 Dolphins
  • top of subs slide back upon full surfacing so nose tilts up when the weight of upper part shifts back - the detailing would take the users by surprise
  • participant will find their personal mini-sub at a place where only the Nautilus can get to it - participant cooperation/interaction - each time a new participant comes into the under water grotto a new mini-sub is waiting - requires manipulation by underwater equipped individual to tow mini-sub into the sub lock and then be able to get into it
  • for personalizing maybe the participant can color their dolphin by putting an artifact on the cockpit panel - the sub would take on the color of the artifact
  • underwater grotto is the source of salt water for the condensation sphere but a barrier that a real dolphin can get through - but not the mini-sub - the route can only be opened from the condensation sphere side (other side) by mini-sub
  • once an explorer attains their own mini-sub they gain entrance into but not operability of anyone else's - allowing joint venturing
  • where ever a mini-sub is left behind for other exploration then that sub stays there
  • dolphin/min-sub attaches to the Nautilus - it is mostly glass to facilitate seeing all around - this is great for exploring the underwater dream structures and the sub locks - the glass will also create great moving shadows on surroundings by the lighting cast from inside the sub
  • An artifact placed into a receptacle changes or personalizes the color of the explorer's Dolphin
  • the way back to your personal mini-sub if left at the dream/condensation sphere is only through the help of another through either the salt water access to the condensation sphere or the river of life or the bonsai enclosure


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Welcome to the Nemo's Mind Design Document!