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  G3D Resources

Want to explore the Genesis3D community or find what you need to get the job done in their engine?

Also refer to the Weekly Status Page to see how we are using these tools

If I missed an important site or tool please tell me

  The Genesis3D Engine and Tools
  At the Eclipse/Genesis3D site

Genesis3D               here it is - the geniuses with their first open development (free) engine - try it and their tech demos - and it gets better - version 2 will be out soon - do not miss their experienced forum!  downloads also come with tools for models and level editing - Genedit 2 now has excellent tutorials - this is also the source of the code for their GDemo which we can use in our first 3 levels   Important note:  this site gets heavy traffic and getting more by the month - before asking a question that has been asked a million times on their forum plz read the pertinent docs at the web site and with any downloads and do a search of the forum

Genesis3D Links         start at Eclipse's links page for more tutorials and info on more tools on the G3D web ring


  Genesis Community and Tutorials
If you are new to Genesis then click on the Graphic - David Dougher has an excellent page to orient you to all the resources of the Genesis3D engine and community

This Genesis 3D Ring site owned by Kevin Long
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World of Genesis           Hootie will post your news and tutorials and anything you want to share such as textures and models - working hard to become a hot spot for developers just learning the ropes on Genesis3D - he is also developing a game "Cheyene" and will fill you in on the development process as it progresses

Genesis University     an active site - up and coming with even more going into their 2nd generation of hosting G3D stuff and anticipating version 2 as much as we are - run by Ken Deel

Developer links               a great page of resource links at gamedev.net and don't overlook their site

EasyGen           we should probably link up anything we do on our Shell interface with this project



Paint Shop Pro          Shareware at its best for making those 2D textures

Milkshape                     Just went shareware - great way for first timers to experiment with modeling and the least expensive route to getting models on Nemo's Mind - thanks for making this G3D compatible!!

Terragen                        Great for making fly throughs , just for playing, for backdrops and skyboxes - and its how the top down maps were made for this site



Old European Master's Paintings

Stone Henge


Maxfield Parrish





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