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  Genesis3D by Eclipse and Our Development Strategy

Every day, for the first 2 weeks, since the Genesis3D demo came out, I watch the demo - it motivates!!

Why will we use the Genesis 3D engine? First you will be blown away by the graphic ability of the engine - go download the engine - it has a first person shooter demo to show its potential and then download the separate semi-interactive camera demo (Gdemo). They have made a beautiful rendering machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  More importantly Eclipse has developed a premiere virtual community full of forum help, a web ring, tutorials, and tools.  See the G3D Resource page.

We will take Genesis 3D and slow the first person movement speed (including the mouse view control) to a chatters walk (the rest of the world gets disoriented unlike the hard-core gamers that may want to throw in with Nemo’s Mind) Voila we just enhanced the engines apparent frame rate. We can have a higher polygon count - make out-door levels to our hearts desire - add a Turok style cheap fogging to cut back on the scenery (and add a little surreal element) - non-gamers and chatters will think fog is cool - like the first time gamer thinks - eventually as the machine and engines mature the fog can be lifted but until then - more texture and polygons can be added with the help of the fogging.  The terrain can be as rich as the art we can produce.


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  1. The Genesis Community!  It is well developed and has a friendly forum with some great expertise among Eclipse and the forum members - the Genesis3D web ring has a lot of information for anyone wanting to learn something about interactive entertainment development
  2. The engine is already primed for the simple interaction we design for - not going for puzzles and weapon damage calculations etc. it only gets as complicated as interactive art and our artistic imaginations.
  3. Open development and free distribution are the new ways of net success. Genesis3D is open development. Nemo’s Mind is open development. They can support each other. To make an interactive piece with out the need for publishers or massive money.  Genesis3D has proven the ability of word of mouth. 
  4. If we stay true to the guiding principle of making Nemo’s Mind a benefit to the users and the evangelizing of other virtual worlds - then Nemo’s Mind will happen and it will be stunning. The secondary desires: to reward the Genesis3D guys by getting them more exposure and resources to help their dream - if Nemo’s Mind becomes financially self supporting then it should hand over a piece of every unit sale to their development.
  5. The editor? Genesis 3D 2.0 is happening!   You can bet at the speed the Genesis3D project is moving - that open source magic will improve on their editor until it is a, state of the art, editor.



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Welcome to the Nemo's Mind Design Document!