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  Voice Overs
  time is sand - sand is glass - glass is silicon - silicon is crystal - crystal is digital - digital is vision

:Elements of Focus: time and vision



  Another way to infuse humanity
  • Voice overs from the character Captain Nemo

  • Spare voiceovers are crucial to make Nemo's Mind as safe to express beauty and wonder as the other genres such as books and movies.  Without a voice over then it appears the makers of NM put their blessing on nuclear energy etc.  Another example of needed steering is the use of terms such as Genesis Beach - the user can see the term as they please.  But some users will find a way to take offense such as thinking the makers of NM imply an evolution stance in having users crawl up on to the beach.  See the example quote below

  • Voiceovers by a quality actor with Indian accent

  • Every time the user signs on and enters the Nemo's Mind environment a voice over is given to keep some focus on Jules Verne's and Nemo's sentiment

  • Voiceovers could be placed strategically around the island such as at the remnants of the slave camp and dock

  Example Voice Overs
  • Countless lines of dialogue from the 2 books: "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" and "Mysterious Island". 
  • "I think of this as Genesis Beach for it was the beginning of my love of the sea"
  • The condensation sphere: "You see the complete harnessing of the sun's energy.  It is disquieting.  Is it worth the fear of another poison lake?"
  • When approaching the full size whale statue (made of purple rock) at the Observatory:  "The purple of royalty comes from centuries of quarrying the purple porphyry of Egypt and its use all across Europe and North to St. Petersburg, in temple columns and the sarcophagus of aristocrats.  With the rock I have found in ancient wrecks we create the Monarch of the Seas.  This whale is the monarch of all those that suffer the trampling of humanities greed"
  • The upper condensation sphere: "I find that as I sleep in my latest years, I take refuge in creations of my mind. I do not like the lack of form and so I have indulged only in an orderly sequence of spheres such as this one, that lie through out the underground of my mind as they strive to surface"
  • The bunkers: "The heart of my ultimate accomplishment.  To overcome as much as is possible, my men suffering from weaknesses of the mind that are hazard to the seclusions of our mission.  Through years of building my army, too many have disappeared to suicide.  Our environment is unbalanced.  So each must have their passions ignited.  If it is art, then they must be allowed to flourish that.  If it is science.. you have seen the results.  I believe the results of this 'unbalance' are unmatched but at the price of individual peace and happiness.  The ultimate bolster of our spirits is of course the beauty of the sea and the ultimate cause for our actions is humanities disregard for it"
  • Nemo's Nautilus Study:  (full of Nautilus design schematics and maps of trade routes and charts of wrecks for plundering) "In myself I find the insidious nature of my enemy, I find myself subjecting all to my private designs"
  • Lighthouse: "It is easy to see those who abuse their family also show the symptoms against neighbor and nature"
  • "The science of a force colluded in cause is rarely matched"
  • At the first Dream Set: "I spend my last days dreaming in and out of this fantastical refuge where I revisit my memories.  At any time my history haunts me, then I find solace in these treasures and hope I can grow to love the good of humanity again"
  • About the Giant Crabs and Beetles: "I manipulate the giants to provide a wall of defense against those that would attack my bunkers"
  • Omen Island: "It was once Savior Island. Now I name it OMEN Island, as it created its own future.  It was all destruction.  And now its terrain shifts in my mind.  I try to stuff it with the chaos that sometimes reigns in my mind.  I like that it now, is the science part of my mind in war with the art of destruction.  My struggles against humanity was in the name of oppression, but I only found that it is the struggle that will destroy us.  The upping of the technological ante, year, after year.
  • OMEN Island: "My ultimate accomplishment.  This monument of my creations always takes me to the day I decided to act on my boyhood ideals.  I gathered supporters into long sessions deep into the fathoms of many nights.  We felt a vigor and euphoria as I found many opportunities to drag them into the mysterious powers of the deep, available for us against all tyrannies.  The abyss was mine.."
  • Musing on plate glass when rising through the water column: "So many visions of the elements of glass.  The ability to separate and yet reveal.  Two disparate forces that may be the secrets of the mind"



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Welcome to the Nemo's Mind Design Document!