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  Social Vision
  time is sand - sand is glass - glass is silicon - silicon is crystal - crystal is digital - digital is vision

:Elements of Focus: time and vision



  The Social Vision
  Intro Hype
  • Nemo’s Mind will easily become a virtual world, but can also be used privately over net connections for environment chatting - within global subconscious and artistic themes - it will use a 3D engine to enhance the interactivity and beauty of the environment "walking around in a conversation piece"
  • Nemo’s Mind is an artistic, natural terrain construct, of a fictional character's conscious and subconscious dream world - the themes in this, art house chat program, are based on the anti-slavery/anti-hero "Captain Nemo" of Jules Verne’s "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" (also a player in Jules Verne’s "Mysterious Island" novel - revealing more about the overly mysterious Nemo)
  • overall theme is centered on the natural beauty of a multi-biome island (the mind is an island surrounded by the transforming mysteries of the deep) with strong global representation by our cultures through emulated architecture and interactive exploration of universal themes
  • the level of 3D ability is now at the ooh and ah point - the engines have developed for years into pure beauty - but no one has taken it and used it for its most obvious application - pure appreciation of its ability to expand on interactive art
  • this program will become a virtual world in time - we will develop a future part of the virtual world by constructing a piece of art that can be used as a hyped up chat world - the very first version can be useable with voice programs already in place on the net - then there is always good old text chat within the program - works better in this program than in the social games - Microsoft will be adding voice net communication with Direct X 8 - also very likely voice will become a feature of the web browser - the net will become very popular as enhanced, free with net connection, long distance phone calling - over the next 2 years
  • as a piece of art - reflecting on the human condition as one of its themes, Nemo’s Mind will carry a message against human suppression just as Jules Verne’s character "Nemo" did - part of the theme is the internal conflict in Nemo’s Mind just like it is in the global issues - reflections - scientific mind versus the dream mind versus the pacifist versus the disciplined soldier...
  • oriented to professional application and casual use of chat program in an effortless (it automatically logs into servers etc.) user friendly virtual world setting - at the same time pure art - the user will be doing something unique and distinguished - they will be wandering in a conversational piece and eventually the program will evolve into a very high art form as all virtual worlds settings will eventually be
  • if you are unfamiliar with the latest first person virtual 3D gaming engines then check out the visual ability at Genesis3D (download the demo!) keep in mind these graphics are usually restricted to insure fast game play - we can add more detail in a slower environment and still keep a smooth frame rate
  • this new medium will make use of music like a movie and some surreal animations and even a little unobtrusive poetry - add this up with the beautiful art and terrain that can be inserted in 3D and you have a total new surreal artistic experience you can share with others - as you hear the echo of your fellow explorers (simulated within a structure in 3D audio) on Nemo’s Mind
  • beautiful, interactive, socially engaging
  Future of Chat Terrain
  • the first application of the virtual worlds has been and will always be dominated by use as a chat terrain - as they become a popular feature of the net - then other applications of the virtual worlds will grow
  • a 3D chat terrain is a natural evolvement from a look at the on-line community, VRML based virtual worlds, and the future elements of virtual worlds: fast 3D graphics, speech recognition, virtual agents, and advanced camera controls - so chat terrains will be a natural progression from the web environment's own path
  • the chat terrain will become tomorrow's long distance phone call - the virtual world alternative to face-to-face type video phone - but also because the phone call will be enhanced by the interactive environment - the scheduled regular conversation can become a platform for using exercise machines while talking to family members - so longer conversations that serve multiple purposes - business meetings in an environment that can relax and distract as needed
  • people will still want the mystery or non-confrontation of not seeing each other face to face - less self conscious- so 2 industries will emerge - video conferencing versus next step in the evolving chat room - virtual worlds will be like a costume ball
  • art will, as always gravitate toward global consciousness themes as a part of a consistent theme within each virtual world - the art that consistently survives is of nature or humanity
  • this program will become a successful self driven work of using today’s evolving editable 3D game engines - virtual worlds can be even more graphically detailed because it doesn’t have the limitations of a fast paced game eating up CPU cycles with fast movement through the terrain and the extra cycles to track all the gaming aspects
  • this adds up to a socially encouraging environment - a socially constructed virtual world
  • interaction in a party seems to be crucial in any entertainment - and voice is everything
  • player knows the virtual world takes place in a huge continuous world with weather and living entities, has the latest in voice recognition/voice response and in far future intelligent agents such as in Nemo’s Mind would be dream guide

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Welcome to the Nemo's Mind Design Document!