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  INMO Lagoon
 Lagoon Map

note - some elements of the original design document are combined for initial version



  INMO Lagoon               level managed by
  • yes I danced a little jig when I saw the last level of Gdemo (Genesis3D) - it showed the exact kind of heavy up and down 3-D terrain for mystery and I knew this would be an easy way to communicate the type of underwater terrain we want - plus they already have some great models, sound effects, bubbles etc!!
  • divers are limited to the bottom of the lagoon - no swimming - this will lend some atmosphere of being trapped on the bottom - relies on the adventure theme of early underwater exploration in Nemo style diving dress. Seeing the other person as such an avatar will transport the user back to an era of newly discovering the depths - the opening camera will help develop this
  • surface is a skybox camera in water or a portal camera looking down at water
  • repeated sound effect of ambient water sound from last scene of Gdemo plus rhythmic bubble release from diver breathing
  • change physics of gravity - allow walking off cliffs and sinking slowly to next surface
  • surface with sun and wave movement - in deepest end of lagoon the distance fogging (water style) would close out the sun and surface
  • lagoon is closed in - a huge metal door (closed and sized to the Nautilus) in the side of an underwater cliff is the excuse for the Nautilus to be in the lagoon
  • on one end is the cliff/underwater plate glass window (rivets and plate glass) and at the other is INMO island - neither can be penetrated - lots of lighting effects
  • a transparent walk tube with supports goes from near the reef window and connects into INMO island - any detail true to the design document that will excite the imaginations - inaccessible
  • underwater viewing room - rivets and plate glass - inaccessible - visible stairs going down - inaccessible
  • white coral carved (meaning the stone was taken from an ancient reef/land) underwater statue of slavery - female -
  • with dark fogging the divers can come up to an abyss and not see the bottom - in one part they can see lights below - a call to find the Nautilus
  • as go deeper then clicking right mouse turns on electric lamp (in book)
  • no collision on bubbles (retail version would be great interactive to play with trapping bubbles under structures or watch them slide up lateral overhangs
  • simulate dappled sun shadow on waves movement over bottom and coral by using dynamic lights


  Models and Art
  • use all from the Gdemo! - such as the sci-fi models with hoses could be easily translated into underwater breathing tubes
  • gotta have a Moray eel
  • this is a modelers chance to animate actions that the user isn't as familiar with (as with bipedal or 4 footed movement) - the animations don't have to be as accurate 
  • make more texture variety of the Gdemo angel fish - one huge one that hangs in one area - (later version plays hide and seek)
  • a school of 2/3 fish other than angel shape that follow the divers around (scripted to come in and out of the level)?
  • small dissipating bubbles from the divers
  Level Start
  • in the level selection screen - hover button sound is bubbles - after clicking on the picture showing underwater scene framed in port hole - the screen fades to black and the ambient sound of rising bubbles continues - the graphics fade in
  • the avatars default to identical Nemo suited divers limited to walking the bottom
  • the fade in camera view is from the inside of a mini cave looking at 2 divers moving across the screen - just within the fogging distance - the camera drifts a little and then pulls back and comes around to look out another opening in the rock at the 2 avatars with the pronounced drifting to side/up/down suggesting the view of a Moray eel - could start camera further back in the cave and move camera in a circular spiral movement - this would start all 3 levels with the same camera movement theme -circular - this is just another demonstration of how easy it is to infuse themes through out an art program with any possible expression, camera movement, sound, color, shape, art, etc
  • if a spiral motion is added to initial camera in all 3 levels then make all go same direction - something universal such as the right growing of sea-shells
  • the camera swims toward the avatars as they pass - comes up from behind and then through the helmet and then user control is given
  • disable voice talk until after camera flight for mood setter
  INMO Lagoon

                                  lagoon.jpg (34708 bytes)   click to map

  • this level is generally open terrain with a real separation of light from the surface to give depth - the participant can wander in any direction until they hit the walls of the lagoon or the coral features
  • would be cool to allow jumping or at least going off a drop off to sink into the distance fogging until hitting bottom at slow water speed
  • non of the man-made features are accessible unless the level manager wishes todevelop those areas - each shareware release will include the planned development such as promising the opening up of all these features
  • on the land side is a giant window - the diver can see into an area with stair-case and viewing balconies
  • near the reef window is a suspended glass and metal tube emerging from the lagoon wall and crossing the length of the lagoon to INMO island at the the reef wall - tube is flat on bottom side and as curved as possible with plate glass and metal reinforcement design
  • in the middle of the lagoon is a glass dome - participant can see stairs descending down inside this viewing dome
  • on the reef wall a huge closed metal door - large enough for the Nautilus to leave the lagoon
  • at the highest point in middle lagoon is a statue carved of coral - chained version of a woman used as the "free" statue overlooking the grave site at the Nautilus
  • This level is different from the others as the attraction is exploration of a 3D jungle of coral with animated models of sea-life not a linear exploration of human structures

                 engravegiants.jpg (28562 bytes)                 engravewalk.jpg (37983 bytes)


  • first indicator is seeing light glow from deeper below - make it so there is a hand rail effect so participant can't jump directly down to the source - making it so they have to find way downward to deepest part of lagoon
  • one huge project in its self would be a detailed (exterior only) model of the Nautilus that would be put high enough off the bottom and in the middle of an open area that the user will have little other geometry to compete for rendering - will also look huge with nothing to compare too - imagine the lighting possibilities and the fish attracted to the lights - putting the sub exterior only is a tease for the user to see the imaginative possibilities - the desire to go inside - save the mystery that Nemo is all about
  • just as the participant gets close enough to start seeing details (can see lights further out) the Toccata music from the movie cuts in - I will try to secure a recording at local pipe organ (big city church)
  • graveyard - mixed carved coral stone religious icons -  another statue of same woman as above - now unchained and smiling over the graves - juxtaposed against the harshness/isolation of the Nautilus mission

                engravecemetery.jpg (36838 bytes)





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