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A Grotto shot from Gdemo with a picture of a Nautilus model thrown in - note the model is a Disney inspired design - we will have to make our own but the world can still use Jules Verne's original design which describes a sea monster appearance with scales.  Of course if you are emulating the nautilus/cuttlefish creature then you also get the effects that Disney went after - such as the placement of the eyes in mid body and the fins that stretch half a hulls length.  We will make our eyes oval so more can be seen by the explorers as they ride the Nautilus (using iron reinforcement we can make a center iris efect in the middle of the oval window.  The pilot chamber (on top of the sub) will have the front face reversed so the angle allows better viewing of the scenery below as the explorer pilots the sub.  Or we will put the pilot chamber far forward and in the middle of the hull, with protection on the sides - kind of like Disney has a fin bridging from the front of the hull to the top of the pilot chamber.  Only we will do it on all sides and the pilot window will be the furthest forward part of the hull.  And we will make a new system of rudders around the back propeller to emulate the arms of a cuttlefish.  Cuttlefish swim with their arms in tow.

I created the mini-sub Dolphins to emulate the beautiful design of the dolphin creature before realizing the opportunity to make the Nautilus emulate a cuttlefish.  Once I started looking at that - then I realized Disney had also done the same.  In the movie you rarely get a good shot of the submarine in full silhouette and until I saw this model I didn't see how Disney was going after the same.  The biggest giveaway is the placement of those big parlor window eyes.  One funny thing about the eyes however - the book has the windows on each side of the hull.  In the movie they never show 2 windows from the inside of the submarine (only one that is on the Port/left side) and can't remember if they ever show the other side from the out side.

You have to see this in motion - download at the Genesis download page - look for the GDemo - Tech Demo download - then checkout the editor and the engine!  Remember the 2nd version of this engine will come out soon!

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